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Registration guide for Registration guide for :. Congratulations! Ready to register for MyAccountingLab ? Your Instructor has adopted MyAccountingLab.

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1 Registration guide for Registration guide for :

2 Congratulations! Ready to register for MyAccountingLab ? Your Instructor has adopted MyAccountingLab to help you succeed in your accounting coursework! MyAccountingLab provides student self-study resources as well as timely tutorial feedback on your assignments! In order to successfully register, make sure you have: A valid email address A student access code Your School Zip Code A Course ID (Provided by your instructor.) A Student Access Code Card/Kit may have been packaged with your new textbook. This is the BEST VALUE Access code kits may be available separately in your school bookstore You can also purchase access online at the home page during registration with a major credit card Do not throw away the card that came in your textbook!

3 Go to you can also go to Click HERE to watch a REGISTRATION VIDEOHERE Click Student under Register

4 Enter the Course ID provided by your instructor and Continue

5 Confirmation of your instructors course will appear hear You will either use an existing Pearson MyLab account or create an account if you do not have one. Not sure? If you have used a Pearson product from a previous course such as MyMathLab, MasteringChemistry, etc. you already have a Pearson account. If you do not remember your username or password, click on this link.

6 Enter a VALID email address TIP: If you see an X on the line where you enter your email address, this mean you have already registered using this email. Click on the blue SIGN IN link at the top of the page. If necessary click on forgot your username or password Enter your email address and have your login and password send to you. How to Create a NEW account (skip this if you already have an account)

7 Create a Username and Password. Enter your name and choose a Security Question Tip: If you see an X next to your user name that means it is taken, try another username. An X next to your password means it is too short or doesnt meet the criteria. Follow the instructions provided to create a proper password. Check I accept the license agreement How to Create a NEW account (skip this if you already have an account)

8 Enter your access code that came with your book Purchase an access code online with a credit card. You can purchase access with or without eBook. Prices for your product may vary from sample shown Set up temporary access to your course for 17 days. OR

9 Once you complete the registration process, will receive confirmation that you are able to access the course. Print this page or record your username & password

10 To access your course materials, click on SIGN IN and enter your username and password. If you forget your password do NOT create a new account. Click Forgot your Login/Password

11 Run the Browser Check: VERY IMPORTANT!! If you skip this step, MyAccountingLab will not run properly! WARNING: Skipping this step may cause you to be unable to view your homework. Please Note: at this time, IE8 WILL NOT result in the best possible experience with MyAccountingLab. It is strongly recommended that you use a supported browser.

12 If you purchased online and are interested in a discounted print upgrade, click Course Home & Purchase Options

13 Need more help? Step 1: Try the Answer Database Step 2: If you still need help, click on CHAT to correspond with an agent Step 3: If for some reason you are still unable to resolve your technical issue, please send the incident number from Tech Support to your instructor who will contact your local Pearson representative.

14 Click here to watch a video about MyAccountingLabhere

15 Other Helpful TIPS: Do not CUT AND PASTE your answers into the program. Use the palette that is provided or answers will be counted wrong. On Homework, click on similar exercise to keep working a problem after 3 attempts. The system allows you to keep working that problem type for credit, but will change the variables after 3 attempts to make sure you understand the concept. (Note: If your instructor limits your attempts, you will be counted incorrect after these attempts and must move on to the next problem.) The MOST COMMON student tech support problems are the following: – Forgetting username and passwords (multiple accounts and multiple email addresses complicates this. Be sure to write down the account information you register with even if you think you can remember! Place it in your Smart Phone or another place that is private but you have easy access to when doing your homework.) – Ignoring the BROWSER TUNE UP. This often results in issues with not being able to see all of the materials in the course. Buttons will be missing or wont function properly if the system requirements are not met. Taking the time to run this is the best defense against frustration during Crunch time when your homework is due! (and dont forget- a separate browser tune up is needed for any computer you use!) If you experience these or any other problems, check with a classmate to see if they are experiencing the same thing. This is a good way to figure out if the issue is caused by your computer settings or not.

16 Have a GREAT class and thank you for using MyAccountingLab.

17 THANK YOU! If MyAccountingLab helped you get a better grade this term, tell us! For sharing your story, youll receive 20% off a future purchase from Pearson and could win an iPad Mini. Visit

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