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Now we will introduce you to the computer program that you will use throughout the semester. This program will allow you to create a customized Study Plan,

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1 Now we will introduce you to the computer program that you will use throughout the semester. This program will allow you to create a customized Study Plan, designed to meet your individual needs. The program is Web-based and requires you to register before you can use it.

2 Your goal for today is to understand how to complete the “Getting Started” activities next week. In order to register, you will need the access code that you can buy in the bookstore.

3 If you are repeating English 902 and registered in a previous semester, your registration may still be valid. If you are unable to log in, you might have to purchase the access code and register, just like a first-time student. If your old English 902 access doesn’t work, but you think it should, ask for help.

4 This is what your access packet looks like.

5 Ask for the English 902 access packet at the cash registers in the bookstore.

6 Don’t buy a packet that looks like this. This packet is for English 900 & 901students


8 If you do not want to go to the bookstore to buy the code, you may purchase it online next week using a credit card or debit card.

9 If you do not have an active email address, set up an account before you begin the registration process. You can get a free email account at or

10 How to register for the Bedford/St. Martin’s website

11 Start on the Writing Center Homepage. All the web browsers on the Writing Center computers open on this page.

12 Click on Class Assignments under English 902

13 Next, select the link to the Bedford/St. Martin’s website.

14 If you are a first-time user, click the green “student” link.

15 Enter your e- mail address and name. The e-mail address must be active. Be sure that you type in the address correctly, as an incorrect or invalid address might cause problems later.

16 Now, create a password that you will remember. The password must be at least four characters long.

17 Be sure to write down the email address, user name, and password you use to register at the site. You will need this information to log on to the site each time you come to the Writing Center. We suggest you write this information somewhere on your Study Plan or Assignment Sheet.

18 Under “Instructor e-mail,” enter: Click “Submit.”

19 This screen confirms that you are now a registered student. Click “Continue.”

20 If you purchased the access code in the bookstore, click “Enter Activation Code.” Once your activation code is entered, you will have access to the site for 720 days. Click “Continue” to begin using the site.

21 The next few slides are only for students who are using a debit or credit card to purchase access Online.

22 To buy the access code online using a credit card or debit card, click “Purchase Access Online. Purchasing Access Online

23 Enter PCC’s zip code: 91106 Purchasing Access Online

24 If you have used this site in the past, then select the “yes” button, and enter a password in the box below. If you have not used this site before, select the “no” button, and you will be asked to create a password. Write down your new password! Next, enter your name and email address. Purchasing Access Online

25 Then select “Pasadena City College” from the list of schools in the drop-down menu and click “Next.” Purchasing Access Online

26 Enter your credit card information, and click “Next.” After you review your information, click “Place Your Order.” Purchasing Access Online

27 Be sure that the address you enter is the same as the billing address for the credit or debit card. Also, if you receive an error message when you submit the credit or debit card information, don’t resubmit the information. You will have to buy the packet at the PCC bookstore or wait and try to resubmit your credit or debit card information another day. This is when MANY students have problems.

28 Note: If you pay for access online, you do NOT have to wait for an access code to be sent to you via e-mail. You are already registered.

29 Once you have completed the registration process, go back to the Bedford/St. Martin’s start page and log in.

30 After you log in, click: “LET’S GET STARTED.”

31 You will complete a two-part diagnostic. Click here on “Begin Part One.” 1 2

32 Read the short introduction to Part One; then click here to begin the grammar portion of the diagnostic.

33 Answer all 20 questions. Take your time. Do not rush!

34 When you get to this page, click the Print button. You will need these results when you meet with an instructor to develop your Study Plan. If you do not know how to print in the Center, ask a member of our staff. We will be happy to help you.

35 After you print your results, close the grammar section window by clicking on the “X” button in the upper-right corner.

36 Part Two of “Let’s Get Started,” the writing component, has been changed.

37 Do not use the two prompts on this web page Important Change

38 Go back to the English 902 Assignments page and click on Writing Prompts.

39 You can use Microsoft Word to type your response to the prompt, but it’s also OK to handwrite your response.

40 When you are finished, print what you have typed. You will need to pay for any printouts from the printers. Bring your written response when you meet with an instructor or writing consultant to develop your Study Plan.

41 After you have met with an instructor and developed your Study Plan, you will work in these four areas throughout the semester.

42 Remember that you can always add items to your Study Plan. If you are ever unsure of what to do while in the Center, please ask for assistance from an instructor.

43 You can find them on the Writing Center’s website, right here. If you forget these instructions:

44 If you finish your writing sample and grammar diagnostic next week, you can sign up for a Study Plan session. You don’t have to wait until the week after. Starting next week, when you check in, do NOT come and sit in this area. You will work in the computer area. We have reserved the last row and side row for English 902 students.

45 Any Questions?

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