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Presented by Janine Termine Welcome 090 PreAlgebra.

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1 Presented by Janine Termine Welcome 090 PreAlgebra

2 Important Information Professor : Janine Termine E-mail: Phone number: 215-968-8130 Office: F124

3 Required Materials MyLabPlus registration code, to be purchased from Bucks’s bookstore. (All homework and quizzes will be completed online.) Text Book, the text book can be found on the provided syllabus…(This is optional-there is an e-book online if you choose not to purchase a text book, but there is not much savings by doing this.) Access to a computer. This is an online course and computer access is assumed. E-mail Account. All communications will be via e-mail. Your Bucks e-mail will automatically be registered in MyLabsPlus. It is your responsibility to check your e-mails often.

4 Registering for MyLabsPlus Go to You need an individual access code. Access codes are packaged free with new texts (Text books are packaged as 3-ring punch books and should be purchased from the Bookstore for around $90) or you purchase the access code as a standalone package. There will be an e-book online in MyLabsPlus. The book and code together are the best deal.

5 MyLabsPlus Log In Information Go to:

6 You will need your id that you use to log into WebAdvisor. It usually is your last name and first initial (if you have a common last name, there may be numbers at the end). Example: smithj1234 Your initial password will be the same as your Username. User name: smithj1234 password: smithj1234

7 Password Change After you login in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. Please make sure you write down your Username and password in case you forget it in the future.

8 Registering your Access Code Click on any MML links This will take you to Pearson’s License Agreement.

9 Before entering the access code, you must read and agree to the Pearson License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

10 Enter the access code you purchased. If you did not purchase an access code, you can do so on this screen with a credit card.

11 Browser Check Once you are registered, you must run the “Browser Check”. Make sure you turn off any Pop-Up Blockers.

12 Navigating MyLabsPlus Homepage Please note the navigation buttons are on the left side of the homepage. The homepage will display important due dates and your progress in the course. Under “Upcoming Assignments” are direct links to assignments that are due in the near future.

13 Navigating MyLabsPlus Chapters Click on Chapter 1 and you will see the Orientation Quiz, all the required sections for Chapter 1, Quizzes and Reviews.

14 Orientation Quiz Click on Orientation Quiz… A new window will open and you must click on “Orientation Quiz” Refer to your Syllabus to help answer the Questions.

15 Steps For Each Section Each section is broken into 3 steps as seen on the right. After you print out the notes for Section 1.2 from Doc Sharing… 1.Read the section in the text book and fill In the notes. 2.Watch the Video Lecture. 3.Do the assigned Homework.

16 Navigating MyLabsPlus Step 1 – Print out the Lecture Notes STEP 1 - 1.2 Print out the Lecture Notes Click on the link to access the section Lecture Notes. Print the notes out and fill them in while reading the text book or while watching the video for this section. Keep all notes in a binder/notebook.

17 Navigating MyLabsPlus Step 2 – Textbook Reading STEP 2 - 1.2 Textbook Reading Open the multimedia textbook section to access video clips, animations, and practice exercises. Please fill in the Guided Lecture Notes in your notebook.multimedia textbook section The above link in MyLabsPlus will take you to your e-book. It is important that you read each section and fill in your notes before coming to class. All notebooks will be collected and graded on each test day.

18 Navigating MyLabsPlus Step 3 – Video Lecture STEP 3 - 1.2 Video Lecture Watch a video presentation for this section of your presentation The above link in MyLabsPlus will take you to the video lecture for the section you are working on. The videos are excellent recourses for learning and understanding the material.

19 Navigating CourseCompass Step 4 – Homework Assignment STEP 4 - Homework Assignment Section1.2 Follow this link to MyMathLab and do the corresponding assignment for 1.2. STEP 4 - Homework Assignment Section1.2 The homework links for all sections will take you to “all” homework assignments…you will have to locate the appropriate assignment. (More on homework later in the presentation.)

20 Suggested Course of Study Summary It is highly recommended that you follow all the chapters in the order they are presented on the left menu bar. Within each chapter you will find chapter sections, quizzes and reviews. These are numbered in the order you should learn them. Within each section, you will find the suggested course of study...Set a side at least two hours for each section. STEP1 – Print out the lecture notes. STEP 2 – Read textbook section and fill in notes. STEP 3 – Watch video and fill in notes. STEP 4 – Locate and do homework assignment.

21 Grading Policy - Homework Homework Average – 15% of your final grade All homework is to be completed on line in MyLabsPlus. You can access homework assignments via Step 3 in each section. You can also access them under “Coming Soon” on the homepage if the assignment is due in the near future. Once in “Homework”, I suggest clicking on the “Show all button” at the top of the Homework page. You must adhere to the “due dates”. If an assignment states “past due” you will still be able to do it, however, you will lose 1% of the assignments final grade for each day it is late. You will not be able to proceed to a new assignment without scoring a 80% on the previous assignment.

22 Grading Policy – Homework (con’t) You can increase your homework grade by re-entering an assignment (before or on the due date) and clicking on questions that you got wrong. Once there, go to the bottom of the page and click on “Similar Problem”. This will bring up a new problem for you to do. You can do this until you get it correct. You can also enter an assignment after the due date for review purposes…just make sure you choose the “review” option when presented to you by MyLabsPlus.

23 Quizzes Quiz Average – 15% of your final grade All quizzes are to be completed in MyLabsPlus. There is a Mid Chapter Quiz and an End of the Chapter Quiz for EVERY chapter. You can access your quizzes via “Coming Soon” on the home page and/or by clicking on a chapter and locating the appropriate quiz link. All quizzes can be taken twice. The “Study Plan” should be reviewed after you take a quiz the first time.

24 Study Plan (Quizzes) After you take a quiz for the first time, click on “Study Plan” at the left side of the home page.

25 Study Plan Con’t The “pencil” indicates questions that you need to work on before you take the next quiz.

26 Study Plan (Quizzes) The “pencil” will appear next to topics or objectives that you need to work on before you retake the quiz. Click on the topic next to the pencil. It will expand further and you will see more “pencils”. When you click on these topics, a window will open with questions with more “pencils”. These are the questions you want to concentrate on before you take the quiz for the second time.

27 Tests Test Average – 70% of you final grade There will be 2 tests to be taken at the assigned dates and times. There is NO test make ups. You will receive a zero for any missed test/s. One test grade will be dropped and replaced with the grade you receive on your Final Exam. A calculator will NOT be permitted on any test or final in this course.

28 Grading Review Homework: 15% Quizzes: 15% Tests: 70% _____________________ Total:100%

29 Withdraw Policy I reserve the right to withdraw anyone who falls more than one weeks behind in their assignments. Once you fall behind, it is very difficult to catch up. You can find the withdraw date in the syllabus. The best thing you can do is to set time aside for your course work each week.

30 Please read your syllabus and then take the Orientation Quiz once you are registered in MyLabsPlus Technical Support 1-888-883-1299

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