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How to Get Started In MyLabsPlus

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1 How to Get Started In MyLabsPlus

2 MyLabsPlus is NOT in Blackboard! To get to MyLabsPlus go to: **It is highly recommended you use Google Chrome or Moxilla Firefox**

3 This will be the screen you will see to enter into MLP
There will be a “Log In” box located on the lower left hand side of the screen Your “Name” is your CAC student address: Your password is your birth date in an 8 digit form ex: February 5, 1987 is: and November 15, 1990 is:

4 If you have trouble with your CAC Student Email
Contact the CAC help desk at: or (they can help reset your password) If the help desk cannot assist you, contact Deanna Broking at:

5 Once you have logged in, you will see the title of the course you are currently enrolled in. Click on the blue link to enter your course. If your course does not show up in MLP, contact or

6 This will be the Homepage to your course in MyLabsPlus
This will be the Homepage to your course in MyLabsPlus. Notice all of the different links on the left hand side. These are the links you will be using to get to your homework, quizzes, tests etc. The FIRST thing you need to do in MLP, is click on the blue link to run the MyMathLab Browser Check.

7 The MyMathLab Browser Check will run your computer through all the various programs you will need to use MLP properly. Make sure to install everything needed until you get to “Browser Check Complete”

8 Access Code Purchase Options
Before you can begin working in the course, you must do one of these three options: 1. Purchase the access code at the CAC bookstore 2. Purchase the access code online in MLP 3. Use the “Temporary Access Code” which is available to you on the first day and for the first two weeks of class **Note: once the temporary access expires, you are required to purchase an access code**

9 Access Code Issues If a student begins the semester with a Temporary Access code, they must wait until the code expires to use a purchased code. Otherwise, the Temporary and Purchased codes will expire at the same time. If a student has more than one , they should not register in MLP using the purchased or Temporary Access code. This will cause the purchased (if any) and the Temporary codes to expire at the same time. If you continue to experience access code issues contact or

10 How to use the “Temporary Access Code” Click the link on the left titled “Temporary Access” and when you do you will see a code in the box available to you. Please note that codes are case sensitive so you need to either write it down or copy it to paste in to the code box later. Where it says “No longer Valid” you will see a code such as: SMPLE – FRILL – TONLE – WEIRS - CHOIR – FLEES (Note: this is an example code and cannot be used)

11 How to type in your already purchased Access Code or how to purchase your Access Code online in MLP
First click on the link titled “MML Homework”. This will take you through the steps to type in/purchase your access code **Please note that the links in the Course Home are sometimes in a different order depending on your course

12 Before typing in/purchasing your Access Code you will have to “Accept” Pearson’s License Agreement. You will only do this once. Click the “I Accept” button to continue

13 How to type in your already purchased access code
If you have already purchased your access code, you can simply type it into the boxes below just as you see it. Remember the codes are case sensitive

14 How to use the Temporary Access Code
If you are using the Temporary Access Code, you can also just type it directly into the boxes you see below

15 If you need to purchase an Access Code
To purchase an Access Code select the “Buy Now” tab and click Next You will then be prompted to type in your credit card information

16 Once you have typed in your Access Code, you will receive a Confirmation that will allow you immediate access to get started in your course

17 Where to get to your homework
Click on the “MML Homework” tab on the left Then click on the blue “homework” link to get to your assignments

18 Homework This is where all of your homework assignments will be available. On the left of the assignment is the due date and time and to the right you have the time limit, attempts, and gradebook score

19 Once you click on a homework section, you will then see a page like this. It will give you all the information about the assignment and allow you to select which question to work on. Once you are done, hit the “OK” button to exit

20 As you are working on each question, you will have many tools available to you located on the left hand side of your screen. Help Me Solve This – walks you through the problem View an example – shows you an example like the problem Video – shows a video of the concept Textbook – will take you to the page in the textbook explaining this concept Connect to a Tutor – will take you to a Pearson Tutoring Service Ask My Instructor – will send an to your instructor with the exact problem you are stuck on Print – allows you to print the problem

21 How to Enter Answers These buttons on the left are available for you to type a fraction, square root, pi symbol etc. **It is very important to read what is in the parenthesis by the answer box as it explains how to answer the question You will enter your answer here. Please watch Pearson’s tutorial on how to enter your answers in MLP at:

22 How to get to Quizzes and Tests
To get to a quiz or a test click on the “MML Quizzes/Tests” tab on the left

23 How to see your grade Click on “MML Gradebook” on the left hand side of your Course Homepage. You will then see a screen containing all your current assignment. If you click on the “Show Overall Score” button it will lead you to this second page which shows your current percentage and a breakdown of your scores

24 Tab Name in Course Homepage
What it does Syllabus Contains the syllabus for the course MML Homework Connects you to the homework assignments MML Quizzes/Tests Connects you to the quizzes and tests MML Gradebook Gives you your current grade and break down of your grades Temporary Access Gives you the temporary access code to be used for two weeks from the first day of class Support Online help and product support Tools for Success Video resources and interactive activities Multimedia Library Textbook for the course

25 How to Email your Instructor
Click on the “ ” tab at the top of your screen. From there you can select the recipient of your

26 How to find Help from Tech Support
Click on the “Tech Support” button on the upper right side of your course homepage. It will then give you three choices: To chat online with technical support To technical support To call technical support at Contacting Pearson should be your last resort for help. Always contact or first

27 “Session Expired” or other Error Message
If you receive an error message: 1. Clear all browsing history 2. Clear all cookies 3. Shut down and restart computer If this does not work, contact: or

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