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BY: JAYDEN WORMELL & JENA SCOTT Teen Depression. Question 1 Depression is a choice. True or False.

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2 Question 1 Depression is a choice. True or False

3 Question 2 There is one main reason an individual becomes depressed. True or False

4 Question 3 Feeling sad or having ups and downs means you are depressed. True or False

5 Question 4 Individuals with family members who suffer from depression are more likely to suffer from depression themselves True or False

6 Question 5 Which of the following is not a sign that an individual suffers from depression. a) Crying b) Anger c) Significant weight gain d) Lack of energy

7 Question 6 Physical aches and pains are not associated with depression True or False

8 Question 7 Children do not suffer from Depression True or False

9 Question 8 Depression is a common illness True or False

10 Question 9 Change in season can bring on some forms of depression True or False

11 Question 10 Depression is often caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain True or False


13 What is Depression? -Depression is a medical illness -Major depressive disorder is (reoccurring periods of depression) -It is not just the feeling of “ups” and “downs: It is the most common mood disorder Major depressive disorder is classified by the feeling of sadness and loss of interest in nearly all activities for at least 2 weeks

14 Major Depressive Disorder Major depressive disorder can be caused by many issues. It is a progressive illness as time goes on episodes of depression tend to occur more frequently, become more severe and last longer

15 Major Depressive Disorder is caused by.. There is an apparent relationship between the 3 main neurotransmitters in the brain. These three neurotransmitters include: dopamine, norephinephrine and serotonin. Symptoms of major depressive disorder are directly associated with an increase or a decrease of these neurotransmitters. As a result of this increase or decrease there is a disruption of brain signals being sent/received by these three neurotransmitters within the brain

16 Neurotransmitters Dopamine is a brain chemical and a neurotransmitter, found in regions of the brain that regulate movement, emotion, motivation, and pleasure. Norephinephrine is a molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter and as a hormone to increase heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels in times of physical or mental stress. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, it is a chemical that acts on the nervous system to help transmit messages within the brain. It also effects emotions, behaviour and thought

17 Signs and Symptoms of Depression Depression effects the entire body not just the mind difficulties in concentrating feelings of sadness and loss changes in weight or appetite feelings of guilt and worthlessness changes in sleeping patterns like insomnia feelings of extreme impatience, or irritability reduced ability to think clearly or make decisions

18 Signs and Symptoms of Depression Continued frequent headaches muscle and joint pain constantly feeling tired anxiety and restlessness noticeable lack of motivation lack of interest in sexual activity withdrawal from friends and family. intestinal problems (upset stomach) recurring thoughts of suicide or self-harm loss of interest or enjoyment in usually-enjoyed activities

19 Major Depressive Disorder To be classified as major depressive disorder an individual must have four of the following seven symptoms for at least two weeks: -Loss of energy -Suicidal Ideation -Disruption in sleep -Disruption in concentration -Disruption in appetite or weight -Excessive guilt or feelings of worthlessness -Retardation or psychomotor agitation

20 Have you ever heard this statement?

21 Seeking Help Many people feel ashamed or afraid to seek help, others make light of their symptoms leading them to suffer in silence. It’s important to remember that depression isn’t a character defect or something that you have brought on yourself

22 Signs of suicide.. talk about wanting to die or wishing it was all over begin collecting medication, buying guns or any other method they may think about using to commit suicide and that will make it easier and more accessible. begin giving away possessions write notes to try to tie things up with people or to say goodbye, even if they are not explicitly talking about a potential suicide attempt begin abusing drugs or alcohol, or eating dramatically less

23 Treatment Finding a solution that works for you can take time. Don’t be discouraged if the first treatment is not successful. There are many effective options out there, and an effective treatment can be found for nearly all patients Antidepressant medications can take 4-6 weeks to show improvement Don’t give up on finding a medication that works!

24 Take SUICIDE Seriously Even if they are only thoughts about suicide take them seriously! The risk of suicide increases in those with depression and it's important to take suicidal thoughts seriously. If you feel like giving up or that you might try hurting yourself, GET HELP IMMEDIATELY: Call your doctor Go to the emergency room Call 911

25 ACT Abbreviation

26 LINK PROGRAM Originates in Grand-Falls Contact information provided for organizations Find issue at the bottom and look at the tree of resources above it

27 LINK Program

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