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Local Control accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent Meeting.

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1 Local Control accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent Meeting

2 2013-2014 School Finance Reform Local Control Formula (LCFF) New funding system that will determine all schools’ general purpose funding rates Rather than set funding rates solely based on grade spans, schools will have individually calculated rates that factor in grade levels as well as school demographics Schools moving from 2012 -2013 per ADA rate to a target rate (over 8 years) Beneficial for charters because we didn’t have access to many categorical programs

3 Change in how schools are funded

4 Basic Tenets of LCFF Provides significant new funding linked to eligible students’ needs English Learners Economically disadvantaged Foster Youth Compatible with long-established charter school models in California Establishes Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

5 What is the purpose of LCAP? Intended to be a vehicle for transparency and engagement Emphasis on good planning, communication, and engagement Basically a “story” that explains how we plan to act and spend funds to address state and local priorities Organization Stakeholder engagement Goals and Progress Indicators Actions, Services, and Expenditures

6 State Priorities in the LCAP Conditions of Learning Basics: Educators appropriately assigned and fully credentialed, learner access to standards-aligned instructional materials, and school facilities maintained in good repair (Priority 1) State Standards: Implementation of state-adopted academic content and performance standards (Priority 3) Course Access: Learner enrollment in a broad course of study (Priority 7)

7 State priorities in the lcap Engagement Parent Involvement: Efforts to seek parent input in the decision making, promotion of parent participation in programs for unduplicated pupils and special needs subgroups. (Priority 3) Pupil Engagement: School attendance rates, chronic absenteeism rates, middle school dropout rates, high school drop out rates. (Priority 5) School Climate: Pupil suspension and expulsion rates, other local measures including surveys of pupils, parents, and teachers on the sense of safety and school connectedness. (Priority 6)

8 Components of the LCAP (3 year plan) Section 1: Stake holder engagement How did we engage community and how did this inform the LCAP? Section 2: Goals and Progress Indicators Set goals (annual and long term) around state and local priorities Describe how progress will be measured Section 3: Actions, Services, and Expenditures Identify actions and services to support the goals from Section 2 Identify expenditures to support the actions and services and describe where these expenditures are included in the charter’s budget

9 Timeline for LCAP LCAP must be adopted by July 1, 2014 2014 – 2015 budget adopted concurrently Reviewed and revised annually

10 Telling our story Much of what is required in the LCAP is found in our Charter document Element 1&2 is the Educational Program and the Measureable Pupil Outcomes Element 3: Methods to Assess Pupil Progress Towards Meeting Outcomes Parent Involvement and Input Coffee with the Principal School Site Council Board meetings Parent Survey Probably not in time to really guide this year’s LCAP but definitely in the out years

11 Questions? Comments?

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