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Introduction to Sports Medicine

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1 Introduction to Sports Medicine
Intro to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Methuen High School

2 Athletic Training History Roman Empire
Dr. S.E. Bilik (The Trainer’s Bible) Physician who wrote the first major text on athletic training and care of athletic injuries in 1917.

3 Athletic Training History (cont…)
NATA (National Athletic Training Association) 1930’s – effort made to establish 1950 – 101 athletic trainer’s officially form NATA out of Kansas City, Missouri Primary purpose was to establish professional standards for the athletic trainer. Currently over 20,000 members

4 Sports Medicine Sports Medicine is a term that encompasses many different fields of study related to sport. Areas of specialization: Athletic Training Biomechanics Exercise physiology Physical Therapy Sports nutrition Sports psychology Sports MD’s

5 Sports Medicine Team Primary athletic training team: Athlete
Athletic Trainer * Physician Coach

6 The Athletic Trainer Roles and Responsibilities (5)
Prevention of athletic injuries Recognition, evaluation, and immediate care of injuries Rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries Health Care administration Professional development and responsibility

7 The Athletic Trainer Prevention of Athletic Injury
Physical examinations Developing training and conditioning programs Ensuring a safe playing environment Selecting, fitting, and maintaining protective equipment Counseling and guidance

8 The Athletic Trainer Recognition, Evaluation, and Immediate Care of Injuries Evaluation of athletic injuries (on/off field) First aid and emergency care Referral to appropriate medical personnel

9 The Athletic Trainer Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
Designing rehab. programs Supervising rehab. programs

10 The Athletic Trainer Health Care Administration Record keeping
Ordering equipment and supplies Supervising assistants/students Establishing policies for operation of an athletic training program

11 The Athletic Trainer Professional Development and Responsibility
CEU’s (Continuing Education Unit’s) National certification State licensure

12 The Athletic Trainer Personal Qualities: Stamina and Ability to adapt
Problem with “burnout” Empathy Sense of humor Communication Intellectual curiosity Ethical practice

13 Sports Medicine Team Team Physician Compiling medical histories
Diagnosing injury Deciding on disqualification Attending practices and games Commitment to sports and the athlete

14 Sports Medicine Team Coach
Ensure that sports equipment is highest quality and properly fitted Aware of what produces injuries in his/her particular sport and what measures can be taken to reduce the risk Apply first aid

15 Sports Medicine Team Secondary (other) Sports Medical Personnel Nurse
School health services Team orthopedist Team dentist Team podiatrist Physician’s assistant Biomechanist Strength and conditioning coach Sports psychologist Physical therapist Exercise physiologist Team nutritionist Equipment personnel Referees

16 Sports Medicine Employment Settings for AT: Secondary (High) schools
School districts Colleges and universities Professional sports Sports medicine clinics Industrial settings Sales


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