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The Sports Medicine Team & Defining Their Roles

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1 The Sports Medicine Team & Defining Their Roles

2 Sports Medicine A broad field of medical practice relating to physical activity and sport.

3 Umbrella of Sports Medicine
Injury Care & Management Performance Enhancement Practice of Medicine Athletic Training Sports Physical Therapy Sports Massage Therapy Sports Dentistry Osteopathic Medicine Orthotists / Prosthitists Chiropractic Exercise Physiology Biomechanics Sport Psychology Sports Nutrition Strength & Conditioning Sports Medicine: encompasses under its umbrella a number of more specialized aspects of dealing with the physically active or athletic populations that may be classified as relating to performance enhancement or to injury care and management.

4 Athletic Training field within the allied health profession that is concerned with prevention, evaluation, management, rehabilitation, and administration of injuries relation to physical activity.

5 ATC A certified athletic trainer (certified by the Board of Certification) is a highly educated allied health care professional who is a credentialed specialist in athletic training

6 The professional organization to which most athletic trainers belong is the NATA

7 The Primary Athletic Training Team
Athletic Trainer Physician ATHLETE Coach

8 Coach Responsibilities
They need to support the decision of the medical staff They have to have an understanding of the proper skills and techniques They have to know first aid and be CPR certified

9 Athletic Trainer Responsibilities
THE MOST DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PHASES OF HEALTH CARE IN AN ATHLETIC ENVIRONMENT A. Injury Prevention – ensuring appropriate training & conditioning of the athlete, monitoring environmental conditions to ensure safe participation, selecting, properly fitting, & maintaining protective equipment, explaining the importance of proper nutrition, and using medications appropriately.

10 Athletic Trainer Responsibilities
B. Evaluation – conducting physical examinations, evaluation of injuries, referring athlete to appropriate medical care C. Management – on the field assessment, administer appropriate first aid D. Rehabilitation – physical therapy E. Administration – organization & administration of the athletic training program, maintain health & injury records, requisition & inventory of supplies & equipment, submission of insurance info

11 Employment Settings for Athletic Trainers
Districts High Schools Colleges & Universities Professional Teams PT Clinics Corporations Industrial Settings – NASCAR, NASA, military, medical equipment sales/support

12 Team Physician Responsibilities
Supervising the Athletic Trainer (ultimately responsible for directing the total health care of the athlete) Conducting pre-physical exams Are the only one that can diagnose an injury The one who determines the disqualification from competition on medical grounds & have final say when an injured athlete can return to activity They need to make themselves readily available to the athletic all times

13 Responsibilities of Other Members of the Sports Medicine Team
School Nurse – recognizes illnesses Dentist – conducting & fitting of mouth pieces, be available for emergency care Strength & Conditioning Coach – advise athletes on training & conditioning programs Sports Psychologist – advises athlete how to cope with an injury, advises on psychological aspects of athlete’s performance

14 Responsibilities of Other Members of the Sports Medicine Team
Sports Physical Therapists – supervising the rehabilitation process (a # of athletic trainers are physical therapists) Exercise Physiologist - input regarding research-based training & conditioning techniques, body composition analysis & nutritional considerations

15 Responsibilities of Other Members of the Sports Medicine Team
Sports Nutritionist – plans eating programs geared to the needs of a particular sport, individual counseling Emergency Medical Specialist (EMS) – provide transport of injured athlete to a medical care facility Equipment Manager – order, proper maintenance, properly cleaned, & repair of equipment

16 Responsibilities of Other Members of the Sports Medicine Team
Referees – highly knowledgeable of rules & regulations relating to the health & welfare of the athlete, check playing facility for dangerous situations & equipment, keep play fair to prevent injury

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