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The Later English Colonies Mr. Heath Blue Creek Elementary School January 2013.

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1 The Later English Colonies Mr. Heath Blue Creek Elementary School January 2013

2 Maryland Founded for religious freedom by George Calvert To find out more about George Calvert, click on his name. George Calvert Passed a law of religious tolerance that allowed people of any religion to live in Maryland Grew tobacco and traded furs

3 George Calvert George Calvert converted to Catholicism George Calvert Catholics were persecuted in England King Charles granted Calvert permission to start Maryland. George Calvert died before he could start the colony His son, Cecilius Calvert, became leader of Maryland.Cecilius Calvert

4 The Carolinas Originally included what is today North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Owned by the eight noblemen called the Lords Proprietors Received the grant from King Charles II in 1663 Settled by people from Virginia, England, France, Germany, and Switzerland

5 Northern Carolina Most important products Tobacco Naval Stores—tar, turpentine, pitch

6 Southern Carolina Top Products Rice and Indigo Indigo was used to make blue dye for clothes.

7 New York Located at the mouth of the Hudson River Founded by the Dutch City of New Amsterdam named after the capital of the Netherlands (Holland) New Amsterdam taken by England during war with the Dutch in the 1650s New Amsterdam (Part of New Holland)

8 New York King Charles II gave New Amsterdam to his brother, James, the Duke of York. Renamed New York James later became King James II of England

9 New Jersey James, Duke of York divided New York and created the new colony of New Jersey. Gave New Jersey to Lord Berkeley and Sir George Calvert New York Pennsylvania New Jersey

10 Pennsylvania Started by William Penn in the 1680s

11 Pennsylvania William Penn Wanted to be free to follow his faith Well educated Became a Quaker Persecuted for his faith Founded Pennsylvania (“Penn’s Woods) Became a haven* for many religions *haven = safe place

12 Pennsylvania Quakers Believed that everyone was equal in God’s site Believed that Christians did not need the church of England, its ministers, or ceremonies Refused to pay taxes for the church Refused to serve in the military Opposed slavery Wanted fair treatment for Native Americans

13 Delaware Pennsylvania included the land south of New Jersey and east of Maryland Known as New Sweden Settlers of New Sweden wanted to rule themselves William Penn granted them self-rule Became the colony of Delaware

14 Georgia Last of the original 13 colonies Founded by James Otlethorpe Wanted Georgia to be a place for poor people to have a better life Haven for debt prisoners Strict rules to make poor people work Rum illegal Slavery outlawed (at first)

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