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Advantages and Disadvantages

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1 Advantages and Disadvantages
Family Types Advantages and Disadvantages

2 Family Types Family- individuals related to each other biologically or legally. Nuclear family- made up of a father, mother and one or more biological children. Extended family- Includes relatives in a family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

3 Family Types Single-parent family- one parent and at least 1 child.
Blended family - married couple and each children from a previous relationship. Adoptive family- Parents and one or more children that are permanently and legally placed in the home. Foster family- serves as a temporary family for a child.

4 Nuclear Families ADVANTAGES An intact family is the basic social unit.
A mother and father support one another in raising children. Children benefit from learning how adult males and females interact in a happy marriage. Can be more financially stable.

5 Nuclear Families DISADVANTAGES
Parents may disagree on how to raise the children

6 Extended Families Advantages
More opportunities to gain knowledge from elders. More possibilities for assistance with child care. Extra help with household, discipline, and other parental responsibilities

7 Extended Families Disadvantages Many authority figures
More people to share the space Added responsibilities of elderly individuals

8 Single Parent Advantages
Only one authority figure for the children to answer to. Less parental conflict in the family.

9 Single Parenting Disdvantages Total financial responsibility
Child care for young children can be a challenge Limited time to spend with each child due to balancing job and family. Lack of same sex role model for children. Stress due to total responsibility for family

10 Blended Families Advantages An “instant family” has formed.
Opportunity to have brothers and sisters. Someone to share responsibilities for child care, finances, and parenting.

11 Blended Families Disadvantages
Challenge adjusting to presence and needs of new people in the family. Difficulty sharing parents and family resources. Difficulty with accepting the new authority figure.

12 Adoptive Families Advantages
Solution for people who can’t have children. Adults provide a stable, loving environment for a child in need of a family.

13 Adoptive Families Disadvantages
Children may feel rejected by biological parents. There may be a short transition period to parenthood. Period of adjustment and acceptance is needed for older children.

14 Foster Families Advantages Supply temporary care for children in need.
Provide emotional support to the child in trying times. Provide a family environment.

15 Foster Families Disadvantages
Children may have emotional and legal issues from their birth parents. Frequent adjustments due to instability in family placement. Competition with biological and other foster children in the families.

16 Extended Family Challenges
Grandmother has retired and has moved into your house. What issues may come up that will need to be handled in the family? Do multiple authority figures in a family cause problems? How should they be handled?

17 Single-Parent Challenges
How does the lack of a male or female role model affect the children? How does the lack of a second income affect the family? How are children affected by not spending as much time with their parent due to work obligations?

18 Blended Family Challenges
Are there ever times when the original family will need to be alone, without the inclusion of the new members? How will the decision about how to spend holidays be made? What traditions will be maintained and what new ones will be adopted? Who will decide? Should a blended family live in the original home of one of the families or should they find a new residence? Could staying in the old home cause problems?

19 Blended Family Challenges
The new parent has brought two new children into the family of three existing children. How should physical space be divided? How should the discipline be handled? Who will discipline the children? Will both parents be responsible for disciplining all the children? Who will decide upon issues such as household chores and responsibilities? How is the work divided? What name will each new parent be called?

20 Adoptive Family Challenges
Should adoptive families tell their children they are adopted? Should adopted children find their biological parents? If you adopted a child how would you handle these 2 issues?

21 Foster Family Challenges
When a child is placed in Foster Care does it have an affect on the family? Should Foster children be treated differently than biological children in a family? Are Foster Care families a good thing?

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