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Healthy Family Relationships Objectives

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1 Healthy Family Relationships Objectives 2.0-2.02
Teen Living

2 Family Structures Nuclear Family Blended Extended Single-Family Foster
Father, mother, and their biological child(ren) Blended Father, mother, and their child(ren) from previous relationships (The Brady Bunch) Extended Father, mother, child(ren), aunts, uncles, grandparents, other family members (The Waltons) Single-Family Father or mother, and child(ren) Foster Temporary home for child(ren) in need of safe place to stay; Parental rights may or may not have been terminated Adoptive Permanent home for child(ren) whose parents can no longer take care of them. Parental rights have been terminated

3 2.01 Factors Affecting Family Life
A. Miscommunication B. Self image C. Family crises D. Social issues E. Culture F. Responsibilities and rewards G. Types of families H. Role expectations I. Personal values

4 Families Should not cover for other family members who have problems (enable) Work together to solve problems Get professional help when needed Look for positive outcomes in all types of situations; sometimes bad things can have a good outcome

5 Challenges to the Family
Drugs/Alcohol Abuse If one family member abuses drugs/alcohol the whole family will be affected Codependency Allows someone else’s problems to control your behavior Physical/Emotional/Sexual Abuse Never justified Divorce Frequency in the US in the last 20 years has increased Teenage couples have a higher divorce rate than others Crises Almost always bring change of some type

6 Conflicts Can Occur When family members disagree with one another
When families merge or become blended (step-families) Death of a family member

7 Teens Assume fair share of home responsibilities
each person should contribute to the total needs of the family Family members can share responsibilities taking turns doing various chores If a parent loses his/her job, a teen can help by getting a part-time job Just make sure you maintain a balance between work, rest, and play

8 Respect If you live in a small house or share a home with a large number of family members, remember to knock before entering closed doors, respect each others privacy Leave a note for others or write your schedule on a family calendar to show good communication skills

9 Functions of the Family
Setting limits and teaching children appropriate behavior is part of the socialization process Children have to be taught right from wrong

10 Family Life Cycle Basic stages that families go through in life
Stage One: Single young adults leave home Stage Two: New couple joins families through marriage or living together Stage Three: Families with young children Stage Four: Families with adolescents “Sandwich Generation” Stage Five: Launching children and moving on “Empty Nesters” Stage Six: Families in later life “Retirement, the Golden Years”

11 2.02 Ways to strengthen family life
A. Active listening B. Skill development C. Response to crises D. Technology E. Resources

12 How to Strengthen the Family
Share your feelings with your family about issues and problems you may be having

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