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1 Family

2 Family Studies Types of Families

3 Philosophical Question
“…studies have pointed to families without a regular structure, such as headed by a lone parent or including the children of other partners, etc. as leading to a greater risk of teenagers living in such families turning to drugs or being violent, having mental health problems or even exhibiting criminal behavior.”

4 Philosophical Question
The children raised in a traditional family (both biological parents) will become more successful.

5 The Nuclear Family A nuclear family is formed when a couple marries
After the marriage, the couple may or may not add children to the family In nuclear families, couples can decide to stay childless, decide to have children, to they may decide to adopt .

6 One Parent Family Includes one parent and one or more children
The parent may be either the mother or the father The parent may be divorced, widowed, separated or never married Often a one parent family forms because of a death or divorce, creating a great deal of emotional stress

7 Responsibilities of One Parent Families
The parent plays the role of both the mother and father The parent must often provide emotional and financial support for the family The parent usually works full time and arranges child care for the children Older children in a one parent family may take on additional work or roles in order to support the parent

8 The Step Family When a single parent marries, a stepfamily is formed
At least one parent in a step family is the step parent Stepparent is a parent who marries the mother or father in a single parent family, and is not blood related to the child or children

9 Challenges of Step Families
Children have to learn to share their home with another adult and possibly other children Adjustments have to be made in daily routines There may be more demands on family income Advantages vs. Disadvantages

10 The Extended Family Extended families have relatives other than parents (or stepparents) and children living together in one home Ex. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins. In the past, extended families were more common than they are today

11 Benefits to Extended Families
Grandparents can provide guidance and support They can take care of small children while the parents work They can help with household duties Extended families also benefit the grandparents who may be ill or unable to take care of themselves or their own residence

12 Questions How could a nuclear family become an extended family?
How can a one parent family become step? Can a nuclear family become a step family? Can a single parent family become a nuclear family?

13 Picture quiz

14 Picture Quiz

15 Picture Quiz

16 Picture Quiz

17 Picture Quiz

18 Picture Quiz

19 Picture Quiz

20 Family Bubble Map Please create a family bubble map to describe your family Use a center circle that says “ME” and draw circles to represent your family members The closer the circles are to “ME” the closer your relationship is The BIGGER the circles are, the more important the relationships are to you.


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