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Career Readiness class Job Shadowing Work Experience Senior Internship Service Learning.

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3 Career Readiness class Job Shadowing Work Experience Senior Internship Service Learning


5 Armed Services:  Army  Marines  Navy  Air Force  National Guard  Coast Guard You can: Enlist directly after high school Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) while in college Attend Service Academies (example: West Point) ***Take ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude) test that is administered at LSM in the spring

6 * Four Year Colleges/Universities * Two Year Community Colleges * Two year Technical/Trade School * Certificate Programs * Apprenticeships

7 What’s Been Done Career Exploration-Career Interest Profiler & Cluster Finder, choose 1-2 careers to research Game Plan What’s To Come Resume Writing Supermatch College Search Access to SAT/ACT registration Individual Planning Meetings Strengths Explorer Assessment

8 Students are directed to complete the task of creating a personalized RESUME in Naviance. The resume can be continually updated and printed for use once complete. College Search Process in Naviance-The SuperMatch College Search allows students to identify specific criteria that indicates their interest preferences in categories such as Location, Campus Setting, Size of school, Majors, Athletics, My Scores SAT/ACT registration dates and information can be found on a students Naviance home page. Links to the 2 registration sites are also available on the home page Individual Junior Planning Meetings are scheduled during a student’s study hall during the school day. Invitations to parents are mailed home with the date, Day and Block of the student’s study hall. This time will be spent reviewing transcripts and courses and discussing post secondary plans. Students planning to apply to college will be expected to have several “Colleges that I’m Thinking About” listed in Naviance.


10 One of the most important parts to the college process! * Observe students on campus * Visit all the important facilities * Sit in on classes * Great time to ask questions and show interest * An opportunity to get a “feel” for the school

11 Schedule a tour * Reserve your spot! Show your interest * Every time you visit, interview, and speak with a representative, your name is recorded * The more times you contact a potential school, the more interested you look to admission counselors Save enough time * Visit 2 colleges a day * Drive around the town or city as well as the school

12 Classrooms Facilities and Faculty Dorm rooms and residence halls Off campus housing Dining halls Quads/hangout spots Chairperson of possible major Sports facilities/coaches Take a transcript Drift from the tour Talk to people Prepare and ask questions Bring a parent/guardian Eat on campus Take notes Take pictures Drive around town Interview

13 Over 100 college representatives visit LSM each year * How do we know what reps are visiting? * Why meet with a rep? * Representatives that visit are often “first readers.” * Key contact person.

14 Results will be distributed in late December. Students will be instructed to create a College Board account, or log in to an existing account, to see a full report online. Use your Holiday break to take advantage of College Board Resources!

15 * Most colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT. * Reference information regarding the different between the two tests is available on Naviance. * Students can log in to their Naviance account for dates of testing, registration deadlines and links to SAT/ACT web sites. * Who should register? The student! * When should I take my first test? Spring of junior year (most popular), students who have completed Alg II may want to take it earlier than Spring. SAT II Subject tests must be taken on separate day from SAT I. Not all schools require the SAT II.

16 * Where do I register? Through Naviance link or on the specific tests websites ACT: or SAT: * LSM hosts the SAT for the May and November dates each year (registration still takes place online) * LSM does not host the ACT

17 * Each year LSM offers an 8-week SAT prep class that prepares you to take the May 2 nd exam. * English or Math, each class is $100.00. * Dates will be announced in late winter. * Additional opportunities listed in Naviance as we receive them.

18 1. Students can register on 2. 3. Local Scholarships available late fall of senior year 4. College/University based scholarships 5. Financial Aid Night-Fall 2015

19 1. Ask teacher in person! Someone who knows you well as a student! Give them a teacher request form and your résumé. 2. Request teacher in Naviance. Request no more than 2! 3. You will need to tell your recommenders when your deadline is! 4. Write thank you letters

20 * Computer lab Naviance workshops with all juniors to begin the college search process, resume writing. * Students asked to add colleges they are thinking about on Naviance. * Course Selection and individual junior planning meetings with parents. * Ask teachers for letters of recommendations.

21 Questions? Thank you for coming! We’ll see you at our Junior Planning Meetings! The LSM School Counseling Department

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