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Journey to Success Presented by: Rockville High School Counseling Department.

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1 Journey to Success Presented by: Rockville High School Counseling Department

2 Tonight we will learn about: Post-Secondary Options Factors to consider in your research Factors involved in admission decisions Naviance Other –Financial Aid, scholarships, NCAA eligibility

3 Options College –4 year college/university –2 year college Career/Technical School Military Employment

4 4 Year Schools Public Private Specialized –Business Schools –Art Colleges –Music Colleges

5 2 Year Schools Prepare students: –associate’s degree –transfer to 4 year college Lower cost Open Admissions

6 Technical Schools Lincoln Technical Institute, Porter & Chester Institute, Universal Technical Institute –Concentrated job training –HVAC, Auto Mechanics, Cosmetology –Certification programs (12-18 months)

7 Where to start? Self Assessment –Academically, socially, & personally Strengths / Weaknesses Interests Skills Special talents

8 Things to Consider 4 year vs. 2 year Size Location Campus culture Athletics/activities Majors Cost Special Programs Dorm life

9 Types of Admission Early Decision –Students who have a clear first choice –Binding Contract Early Action –Apply early, but do not have a binding contract –May apply to multiple schools Regular Decision Rolling Admissions ***Important Note: Watch the deadlines***

10 What to do: Naviance –College Search –Inventories Visit schools’ websites Attend Open Houses/Tours Speak to college students Develop initial list of schools

11 What to do: Conference with School Counselor Strong senior class schedule Identify teachers for recommendation letters Complete resume

12 Naviance

13 College Search

14 Do What You Are

15 Web Sites Informational links to college, financial aid, and career assistance –School website: –Always check the privacy policy

16 Financial - Costs Direct Costs –Tuition –Fees –Room/board Indirect Costs –Room/board Off Campus –Travel –Personal costs –Books/supplies

17 Financial Aid Gift Assistance –Grants –Scholarships - –Local awards ($353,000 plus) Self-Help –Loans –Work study Financial Aid Evening – Nov./Dec.

18 NCAA Freshman-Eligibility Standards Division 1 - 16 core courses 4 years of English 3 years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher) 2 years of natural/physical science (one must be a lab science) 1 year of additional English, math or science 2 years of social studies 4 years of additional core courses (from any area listed above, or from foreign language, non-doctrinal religion or philosophy)

19 Conclusion Plan Organize Communicate Mrs. Zeldner & Ms. Edwards

20 What Colleges Are Looking For Transcript –GPA, Courses, Grades Test Scores – SAT I and/or II, ACT Essay Resume Extracurricular Activities Letters of Recommendations

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