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College Information Night Del Mar High School 2003-2004.

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1 College Information Night Del Mar High School 2003-2004

2 Presentation Outline College Application Deadlines College Entrance Exams UC & CSU A-G Requirements Minimum Eligibility vs. Selection UC & CSU Websites Private & Independent Colleges Community Colleges Support Services for Seniors

3 College Application Deadlines CSU October 1st - November 30 UC November 1st - November 30 Private Colleges--Look up deadlines! Community Colleges April Fee Waivers On-Line Cost: UC $40.00 per campus CSU $55.00 per campus

4 College Entrance Examinations SAT I Composite Total 1600 (CSU & UC) Verbal 800 Math 800 SAT II (UC only) Writing 800 Math 800 Choice from: English literature, social studies, foreign language, or science 800 Register on-line ACT Total 36 Register on-line (Covers English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning)

5 More Test Details: Students are required to complete all tests by the December sitting of senior year. (check specific schools-some are earlier) Students are encouraged to take tests early. Tests can be taken several times. UC-- takes the best sitting CSU-- takes the best verbal and best math even at different sittings SAT II tests should be taken soon after courses completed in the areas covered by the tests.

6 UC & CSU High School Course Requirements (A-G) English4 years Mathematics3 years Social Science2 years Lab. Science2 years Foreign Language2 years Visual and Performing Arts1 year Elective (College Prep)1 year Total15 year long courses

7 High School Grade Point Average UC & CSU averages the grades for all work completed after the 9 th grade, not counting military science and physical education. (10-12) Academic GPA from the Del Mar transcript.

8 Minimum Eligibility vs. Selection Eligibility: meeting minimum requirements for UC & CSU admission If the number of applicants exceeds the spaces available for a particular campus or major, the campus uses criteria that exceed the minimum requirements to select students. Meeting the minimum requirements is not enough to gain admissions to many UC campuses and some CSU campuses.

9 CSU Eligibility Index GPA and SAT I GPA2.002.202.402.602.803.00 SAT13001140980820660 Any score ACT3026221814 Any score

10 UC Eligibility Index 312031523320361639844640 Test Score Totals 3.503.403.253.102.952.80GPA

11 Eligibility Index (UC) The index includes high school GPA plus SAT I and SAT II test scores The test score formula is: [SAT I composite] + [2 x (SAT II Writing + SAT II Mathematics + third required SAT II)]

12 Example: A student who earned: 1100 on the SAT I 2 x 550 on the SAT II Writing (1100) 2 x 600 on the SAT II Math (1200) 2 x 500 on a third SAT II test (1000) would have an index test score of 4400: [1100] + [1100+1200+1000] = 4400 This same student earned “a-g” GPA of 3.5. Minimum total test score required for 3.5 is 3120. The student has met the Eligibility Index

13 Selection Criteria for UC Comprehensive Review Subject Requirements “A-G” Examination Requirements SAT I SAT II GPA Honors/AP Courses Challenging curriculum Personal Statement 3 short essays Extra Curricular Activities Outstanding accomplishments

14 Repeating High School Courses Courses used to satisfy the “A-G” requirements in which the student earns D or F grades must be repeated with grades of C or higher. The repeated grades are used in calculating the GPA. Course Validation: UC & CSU will validate coursework in math, language and chemistry Must earn a C or better 2 nd semester

15 Provisional Admissions All admission decisions are provisional until all required documents, including final transcripts of work in progress, are received in the Office of Admissions. Failure to complete required courses or other eligibility requirements will void admission to the university. Schools will verify activities.

16 UC Website www.ucop/pathways

17 CSU Website

18 Private or Independent Colleges Students must request these applications Common Application Deadlines and Fees vary Entrance Requirements vary Letters of recommendation are often required (2 week notice) Require SAT’s or ACT test scores

19 Community Colleges Apply sometime in April/May Transfer Programs Early Admission Program-- WVC Requirement is 18 yrs old or high school diploma.

20 NCAA Athletes NCAA Clearinghouse Students who want to participate in NCAA Division I or II athletics in college should start the certification process early. Start the process at the end of the junior year or the beginning of the senior year. Cleared through Athletic Director

21 Support for Del Mar Seniors UC Application Workshop on campus CSU Application Workshop on campus Financial Aid Workshop @ WVC How to complete the FAFSA Various College Reps on campus College Fair (over 100 colleges) Senior Class Visits Letters of Recommendation (2 week notice for counselors) Graduation Status Conferences

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