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This year is really important! Mrs. Stoltzfus and Mrs. Teague A – L M - Z Junior Class Counselors.

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1 This year is really important! Mrs. Stoltzfus and Mrs. Teague A – L M - Z Junior Class Counselors

2 Why? This year you make a decision on your future. Everything you do or dont do prepares you for your senior year. The grades you earn this year are what colleges see on your application The test scores you earn this year are sent to colleges It is time to make a decision if you are going in the military This year you can prepare with internships for work

3 What are your choices? Four year college (38% of MHS students) Community College (58% of MHS students) Military Work

4 Types of Colleges TypeDescriptionTuitionAdmission Requirements Four year Degrees offered: Bachelors and beyond Provides: A well-rounded college experience that includes an academic area of study. State: Typically around $19,000/year Private: Typically more than $35,000/year SAT or ACT GPA Class rank Essay Extracurricular activities Letters of recommendation Transcripts

5 Types of Colleges TypeDescriptionTuitionAdmission Requirements Two year Degrees offered: Associates Diploma, Certificate Provides: A way to ease into college. Typically have agreements with four year colleges to transfer credits. Can receive training. Typically around $1,8000/year Nursing & Dental programs cost more around $4,000. NO LONGER AN Open-door admission policy ACT/SAT not required but CC are using ACT scores COMPASS scores

6 Military Options Air Force Army Navy Marines Coast Guard ASVAB testing is a requirement!

7 World of Work Most applications are on line. Find a basic job application and fill it out before you begin an online application. Most jobs require some type of skilled training Internships and apprenticeships can help.

8 Preparing for a College Search 2-year and 4-year schools

9 Choosing Your College Priorities What is important to you? Location Academics Size Campus Appeal Total Cost – Including aid Comm. College vs Four yrs

10 About College Admission Tests ACT (American College Test) – Predominantly used by schools in middle-U.S. states – Consists of four tests: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing – Writing component is optional – Top composite score is 36 SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) – Predominantly used by east and west coast schools – Consists of three tests: Verbal, Math, Writing – Each test is scored on a scale of 200-800

11 Testing for Community Colleges COMPASS- The community colleges use this test to determine whether or not you need remedial courses before taking college courses. The COMPASS tests your math and reading abilities. ASSET- Another test used by community colleges. Tests math and reading abilities. ACT- Community Colleges will use your ACT scores if you demonstrate college readiness.

12 What information do college admission officers review? Grades / Overall GPA Strength of high school course selections Admission Test Score Class Rank Essay Students demonstrated interest Personal accomplishments Courses in progress Senior year Discipline Realize that you will be submitting college applications in September and October of your senior year

13 Next Steps

14 In School Stay focused on academics Do not lighten your academic load for senior year Meet with your school counselor Stay involved in school activities Standardized Testing You will be taking the ACT on March 4 th, at no cost, at MHS Prepare for and register for SAT by the end of your junior year Register for AP tests as appropriate You will take the COMPASS your senior year if you plan on attending a community college ASVAB for the military can be taken your senior year College Exploration Explore colleges on the Web Visit colleges if you can Attend a college fair & meet with college representatives (Sept. 19 th )

15 What else can you do? Visit the Maiden Counselor website Create an email account that you use only for college, scholarships, military and/or employment Check your gaggle account each month for a newsletter related to college, work and the military. Establish a CFNC account. College Foundation of North Carolina

16 Dont forget! High School Requirements You will need 20 credits to be a senior You will need four math courses to graduate. Alg. I, Geometry, Alg. II and a higher level math course beyond Math III. Complete your History and Science requirements If you are going to attend a four year college, you will need two levels of the same foreign language

17 QUESTIONS?? COLLEGE NIGHT AT CVCC 6 PM TO 8 PM THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 TH ! Read your junior newsletter through your gaggle email or on the counselor website

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