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Creating a Constitution

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1 Creating a Constitution
Chapter 8, Section 2

2 A Constitutional Convention is Called
End of the Articles of Confederation (A of C): 1786: 5 state delegates meet in Annapolis, Maryland Discuss trade among states Putting trade laws in A of C meant all states needed to agree Decided to meet in Philadelphia in 1787 to make changes All showed up except Rhode Island! This meant they couldn’t make changes All realized A of C wouldn’t work

3 The Convention’s Delegates
Constitutional Convention, 1787 55 delegates - Philadelphia, PA ½ were lawyers Rest were planters, merchants, doctors ¾ were in the Continental Congress Many were in state legislatures These men are considered “Founding Fathers”

4 The Convention’s Delegates (cont’d)
Famous delegates: George Washington Came out of retirement Ben Franklin James Madison Brought with him over 100 books on government Not there: Thomas Jefferson John Adams Native Americans African Americans Women

5 Delegates Assemble! Most had no idea what they were going to do.
Some thought they would only be changing A of C. Problem for delegates: Gov’t had to be strong Protect people’s rights Maintain order Not too strong to be controlled

6 The Convention Begins George Washington elected leader of the convention Rules established: All ideas considered and debated Ability to change sides Discussions would be secret Windows closed and blocked Guards outside of doors When doors open - no talking

7 The Virginia Plan 1st Plan considered by the Convention
Delegates from Virginia came up with plan Government would have 3 branches Legislature made laws Levy taxes Regulate commerce Make laws Executive enforced laws Judiciary interpreted laws Legislature had two houses # of reps would be based on population

8 The New Jersey Plan Response to the Virginia Plan
Legislature had one house Each state would have one vote “Equal Representation” Legislature power to regulate trade and commerce Tax foreign goods State laws subordinate to national laws


10 Slavery Big Question: If representation is based on population, what about slaves? North vs South Who had more slaves? South wanted them counted as people, but not for taxation Three-Fifths Compromise 3/5 of slave population would be counted for population and taxation Ban on Slavery? Slavery was already banned in the North Northerners wanted to see it banned elsewhere Compromise: Congress would not ban the slave trade until 1808

11 Regulating Trade Congress had few limits on regulating trade
This helped promote commerce with: States Foreign nations Native tribes Southerners got Congress to not tax exports Constitution was agreed upon on September 15, 1787 Then written, signed, and sent to Confederation Congress for approval, then to states for ratification…to be continued

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