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Science Tools 7th Grade Science.

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1 Science Tools 7th Grade Science

2 State Standards 0707.Inq.2 - Select tools and procedures needed to conduct a moderately complex experiment. What does this mean? In science, you will need to be able to choose the tools needed to perform specific tasks in an experiment.

3 Graduated Cylinder This is used to measure the volume of liquids, or volume of an irregular shaped solid. The SI unit for volume is liter (for liquids) or cubic meter (for solids). When measuring volume of liquids, get eye level and always use the eye protection. (Liquids could splatter up into your eyes.) How could we use this tool in an experiment?

4 Balance It is used to measure the mass of an object.
Mass = How much matter is in an object. The SI unit for mass is the gram (g), but kilograms (kg) could be used for larger objects such as a boulder. How could we use this tool in a controlled experiment?

5 Thermometer It is used to measure temperature,
which means how hot or cold something is. The SI unit for temperature is the Kelvin (K), but we commonly use degrees Celsius. In the United States, we use degrees Fahrenheit, which is not commonly known throughout the world. What kind of experiment might use this tool?

6 Meter stick It is used to measure length of objects.
The SI unit for length is the meter (m). You can use this tool to find the distance from point A to point B. You can also use this to find the area of a surface, or the volume of a 3-dimensional regular object, such as a box of tissue. Could you think of a way to use this tool in gathering data?

7 Spring Scale It is used to measure force of an object (how much force is needed to lift an object). The SI unit used to express force is the Newton (N). Some people use the word weight instead of force. When might we use this tool?

8 Stopwatch It is used to measure time.
How could we use this in a controlled experiment? The SI unit for time is the second (s). What could we use this tool for during an scientific investigation?

9 Important Formulas Area is a measure of the
size of the surface of an object. You find it by length times width . A = L x W Volume of a 3-dimensional object, such as a box, is the size of a body in a 3-dimensional space. You find it by length times width times height. V = L x W x H Density is the amount of matter in a given volume. Density is mass divided by volume. D = M/V.

10 Organizing Data After collecting data, you must analyze the data.
Calculators, computers, pencil and paper are tools to help you analyze the data. Graphs and tables are ways to show your data.

11 Let’s wrap it up! Tools can be used to measure things. These measurements can be used for data and for analyzing results. Each tool has a specific use and has specific units to represent the data. (Ex: 100 grams or 30 seconds) Formulas may be used in science to gather data. Math and Science are related. Now, can you tell me at least one way that these two subjects go hand in hand?

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