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Insight on Google Analytics Features - Suresh. K.

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1 Insight on Google Analytics Features - Suresh. K

2 Definition: Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. GA can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents.

3 Google Analytics Features Visits Tracking Traffic Sources tracking Content wise Tracking Adwords Integration Internal Site Search Event Tracking and Virtual Page Views Goal Conversion rate Ecommerce Custom Reporting Intelligence Motion Charts

4 1. Visits Tracking - Visitors How much traffic you have, how many page views, the average length of visit and your bounce rate Metrics  Map Overlay

5  New vs. Returning  Languages  Visitor Trending  Visits

6  Absolute Unique Visitors  Page views  Average Page views  Time on site  Bounce rate  Visitor Trending  Loyalty

7  Recency  Length of Visit  Depth of Visit  Browser capabilities  Network Properties  Mobile

8 2. Traffic Sources Tracking Sources Direct Traffic Referral Traffic Search Engine traffic Adwords

9 3. Content wise Tracking Sources Top Content

10 Top Content by title Content Drill Down Top Exit Pages Site Map Overlay or Inpage Analytics

11 5. Internal Site Search It provides internal site search reports that allow you to see how people search once they’ve arrived at your site. Internal Search helps in  Identifying missing or hidden content on your site  Improve search results for key phrases  Get ideas for new keywords to use in marketing campaigns.

12 6. Event Tracking and Virtual Page Views

13 Virtual Page Views: We are telling Google Analytics to register a page view even though no new page has actually been loaded. We simply call _trackPageview() and provide any name you want as the argument. Event Tracking: Similar to Virtual Page view but has two advantages  It won’t generate an extra page view each time an interaction occurs.  It can easily organize your events into categories, actions, and provide labels and even values for each event you track.

14 7. Goal Conversion rate A goal represents an activity or a level of interaction with your website that’s important to the success of your business Types of Goals : URL Destination goal Time on Site goal Pages per Visit goal Sub Features : 1.Reverse path Forwarding

15 2. Funnel Visualization This report is very useful for identifying the pages from which visitors abandon your conversion funnel. Example Funnel Screenshot

16 8. Ecommerce Tracking 1. The Ecommerce reports show you your site’s transactions, revenue, and many other commerce-related metrics. 2. The kind of information you can get from the e-commerce reports include:  The products that were purchased from your online store  Your sales revenue  Your e-commerce conversion rate  The number of times people visited your site before purchasing

17 9. Custom Reporting

18 10. Intelligence 1. This report shows a list of custom and automatic alerts for daily metrics in the date range selected. 2. Types: o Daily o Weekly o Monthly

19 11. Motion Charts A Motion Chart can help you identify patterns and relationships in your data that you might otherwise miss.

20 Limitations 1. Google Analytics won’t track data if someone  Blocks all cookies  Blocks Java Script 2. If someone deletes cookies then they will be identified as identified as a new visitor to the site



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