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Understanding Your Emotions

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1 Understanding Your Emotions
CHAPTER 8 LESSON 3 Understanding Your Emotions

2 Understanding your emotions
Emotions – are signals that tell your mind and body how to react Fight or Flight -When you are In a dangerous situation, emotions such as fear can trigger the body to and mind to protect you by causing you to shout or flee

3 Understanding Your Emotions
Emotions such as Joy can prompt the release of brain chemicals that not only cause warm, happy feelings but also promote mental health

4 Understanding Your Emotions
Strong emotions like anger can cause physical changes within your body - increased heart rate - Perspiration - Tightening stomach muscles

5 Identifying Emotions Love – all humans need to give and receive love. This emotion involves strong affection, deep concern and respect

6 EMPATHY The ability to imagine and understand how someone else feels
“Walking in another’s shoes’’

7 FEAR When you experience fear, your SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM reacts by preparing your body for action - Heart beat faster - Breathing rate increases - Increase blood to muscles

8 ANGER May be displayed as annoyance, or a boiling rage

9 GUILT Emotional response when you think you have done something wrong
Frequently associated with low self esteem

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