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Achieving Good Mental Health Chapter 7 Pages 168-195.

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1 Achieving Good Mental Health Chapter 7 Pages 168-195

2 Lesson 3 Your Mental and Emotional Health Pages 184-187

3 Worksheet You may work alone or with a partner. Complete the worksheet and DO NOT turn it in. We will review it in class shortly.

4 Fill In the Blanks. Pages 184 Emotions are… signals that tell your mind and body how to react. Sometimes referred to as feelings, emotions are your responses to certain thoughts and events. Learning about your emotions will help you understand the relationship among physical, mental and emotional and social health throughout adulthood.

5 Where do they Fall? Joy= promotes mental/emotional health, influencing social health. Fear= physical changes. The “fight or flight” response enables you to defend yourself or flee the scene. Anger= physical and mental responses.

6 Fill in the Chart EmotionDefinitionDescription 1. HappinessBeing satisfied or feeling positive Energetic, creative, sociable. 2. SadnessBeing disappointed or rejected, experiencing a loss Discouraged, low energy, crying, depressed 3. LoveStrong affection, deep concern and respect Caring, loyalty, connections, honesty 4. EmpathyAbility to imagine and understand how someone else feels Listen attentively, communication, connection to emotions

7 EmotionDefinitionDescription 5. Fear A feeling/ anxiety which can be caused by a presence or a feeling of danger. Phobia- An exaggerated fear Scary feeling, danger, can be imagined, 6. Guilt Results from acting against one’s values or from failing to act to bring a better outcome Negative outcomes, blame 7. Anger a reaction to being emotionally or physically hurt. Hostility- the intentional use of unfriendly or offensive behavior Triggered feeling, hate, fighting

8 Hormones What is a hormone? –A hormone is a chemical secreted by your glands that regulates the activities of different body cells How do hormones affect your emotions? –Hormones may cause mood swings quickly between extreme emotions such as; elation (joy or being proud) and depression –Hormones may cause you to have mixed emotions; such as being happy but jealous for a friend.

9 True/False 1.___ Your interests, values and beliefs are part of your personal identity. –True 2. ___ Maslow’s hierarchy of needs starts at the top and works its way down. –False. Bottom and up 3. ___ Modeling is when you observe a learn from those around you. –True 4. ___ The one aspect of your personality you have the most control over is your environment. –False. Behavior

10 True/False 5. ____ Emotions are chemicals that are secreted by your glands. –False. Hormones 6. ___ The ability to imagine and understand how someone else feels is empathy. –True. 7. ___ Mental/emotional health is the striving to become the best you can be. –False. Self- Actualization 8. ___ Having the confidence to make responsible and safe decisions is autonomy. –True.

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