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ESPON Seminar 4-5 December 2014 in Rome Latest News: The ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme – and last activities of ESPON 2013.

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1 ESPON Seminar 4-5 December 2014 in Rome Latest News: The ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme – and last activities of ESPON 2013

2 Context in EC Regulations Reinforcing the effectiveness of cohesion policy “Analyses of development trends in relation to the aims of territorial cohesion, including territorial aspects of economic and social cohesion, and harmonious development of the European territory through studies, data collection and other measures”. “Strengthening the evidence base in order to reinforce the effectiveness of cohesion policy and the achievement of the thematic objectives through the analysis of development trends.” Contribute to Thematic Objective 11 “Institutional capacity building & efficient public administrations”, Possible to address all 11 Thematic Objectives when implementing

3 Mission and 5 Specific Objectives Mission statement “ESPON 2020 shall continue the consolidation of a European Territorial Observatory Network and grow the provision and policy use of pan-European, comparable, systematic and reliable territorial evidence”. 5 Specific Objectives −Specific Objective 1: Continued production of territorial evidence. −Specific Objective 2: Upgraded knowledge transfer and analytical user support. −Specific Objective 3: Improved territorial observation and tools for territorial analyses. −Specific Objective 4: Wider outreach and uptake of territorial evidence. −Specific Objective 5: Leaner, effective and efficient implementation provisions and proficient programme assistance.

4 Priority Axes Two Priority Axes Priority Axis 1: Territorial Evidence, Transfer, Observation, Tools and Outreach The Single Beneficiary – the ESPON EGTC will be contracted to implement this Priority Axis dealing with content Priority Axis 2: Technical Assistance (TA) The ESPON Managing Authority, the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures in Luxembourg, will implement this Priority Axis

5 Administrative set-up of ESPON 2020 Programme Bodies: Monitoring Committee Managing Authority Certifying Authority Audit Authority Functions of Joint Secretariat assumed by the MA Single Beneficiary: ESPON EGTC Luxembourg and 3 Belgian Regions as members ESPON Contact Point Network: Cooperating on outreach activities at transnational and national level

6 Proposed Budget of the ESPON 2020 Contributions ERDF contribution 41,4 Mio. Euro EU Member States contribution 7,3 Mio. Euro Partner States contribution 1,8 Mio. Euro Additional Luxembourg support of app. 3,5 Mio. Euro Spending Total of around 50,5 Mio. Euro for 2014-2020: Priority Axis 1: around 47,5 Mio. Euro Priority Axis 2: around 3,0 Mio. Euro

7 Actions and Activities (1) Specific Objective 1: Continued Production of Territorial Evidence Through Applied Research and Analyses. Cross-thematic and thematic on territorial structures and trends Prospective visions and scenarios Territorial impact studies of EU policies Target: 22 applied research projects

8 Actions and Activities (2) Specific Objective 2: Upgraded Knowledge Transfer and Use of Analytical User Support. Targeted Analyses defined by stakeholders at national, regional and local level (expression of interest) Territorial evidence support to ETC, other ESIF programmes and macro-regions (interest driven) Short territorial policy briefs/working papers, fast and timely (upon demand) Target: 25 targeted analyses and 45 policy briefs / working papers

9 Actions and Activities (3) Specific Objective 3: Improved Territorial Observation and Tools for Territorial Analyses. ESPON Database focusing on data update and user- friendliness. European territorial observation and monitoring system with custom-made macro-regional and transnational territorial monitoring systems (upon demand). European monitoring reports for policy development. A reviewed ESPON Toolbox, fine-tuning and promotion of tools. User support related to tools (hotline, TIA, etc.) Target: 8 tools

10 Actions and Activities (4) Specific Objective 4: Wider Outreach and Uptake of Territorial Evidence. ESPON events at European level Events at transnational and national level in cooperation with national ESPON Contact Points Active participation at events at European, transnational and national level Publication of thematic and synthetic report based on research analyses and tools Publication of short easy-understandable briefs on themes of particular political interest. Media and web-based communication efforts, including use of social media, ‘apps’, e-learning, interactive e-books, etc. Target: 60 events and publications

11 19 November 2014: All countries agreed to MA programme submission 20 November 2014: Formal re-submission of the ESPON 20-20 CP December 2014: EC Notification expected with comments on the ESPON 2020 CP Dec 14 – Jan 15: Re-submission of modified ESPON 2020 CP Early May 2015: EC approval of the ESPON 2020 CP following decision on EU budget 2015-2020 May-June 2015: MC meeting agreeing OS and inviting the ESPON EGTC to submit Operation Proposal June 2015:ESPON Seminar/launch event in Latvia July 2015: Operation Proposal from the ESPON EGTC September 2015: MC meeting approving the Single Operation September 2015: The ESPON EGTC launches first calls Tentative timetable

12 ESPON 2013 Programme Last activities Deliveries by end December 2014 (M4D, TIA web app, Functional Indicator tool (FIT), ESPON on Web, BSR uphold, Accessibility matrix, Climate change map update) Publications (ESPON Scientific report III, Territorial Monitoring Report, Report on ECP transnational capitalisation) Closure of programme ongoing, continues in 2015-2016 No more Projects, Seminars and Workshops in 2015 Capitalisation and communication until ESPON 2020 is operational based on existing results until new programme is operational

13 The ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme Thank you for your attention Inspire policy making by territorial evidence

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