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Info Day on New Calls and Partner Café Brussels 18 May 2010 Expectations towards the ESPON Programme from the Spanish Presidency perspective.

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1 Info Day on New Calls and Partner Café Brussels 18 May 2010 Expectations towards the ESPON Programme from the Spanish Presidency perspective

2 Spanish Presidency Unit Responsible for Territorial Development: MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMET, RURAL AND MARINE AFFAIRS (MARM) DIRECTORATE GENERAL FOR SUSTAINABLE RURAL DEVELOPMENT Spanish ESPON Main Contact Point and Monitoring Committee Member Territorial Agenda of the European Union: NTCCP (Network of Territorial Cohesion Contact Points) TCUM (Territorial Cohesion and Urban Matters)

3 Spanish Presidency The Spanish Presidency has focused on the Territorial Agenda (AT) and its Action Programme (AP): NTCCP meeting (Madrid, 22nd March) DG meeting (Sevilla, 10th May) Main subjects: Current phase of the TA Territorial Cohesion: transition phase and expectations TSP (Hungary) TIA Urban-rural relations

4 Territorial Agenda Current phase: Based on the conclusions made by the former Presidency (Sweden): 1.Improve implementation: Contribution to the TA to the EU2020 Strategy: Joint contribution by the DG of ministerial departments responsible for territorial development policy in the European Union Reinforce regional and local assets for this strategy. EXPECTATION: evidence on the implications of the EU2020 strategy on territorial issues. Coordination with sectoral policies: two way coordination TAsectoral policies. EXPECTATION: evidence on the impact TA sectoral policies.

5 Territorial Agenda Current phase: 2.Improve coordination 3.Improve communication: Annual event: specific experiences, thematic studies, divulgation of ESPON projects and research centers… Events addressed to a big extent towards sectors not involved in the TA. EXPECTATION: participation of ESPON 2013 beneficiaries in these events. To be assessed and reviewed in 2011. TA review and TSP (Territorial State and Perspectives in the European Union): HU Delegation EXPECTATION: evidence on new opportunities to implement the TA and cope with the challenges related to territorial cohesion: Economic and financial crisis Demographic and social issues Climate change Food and energy prices

6 Territorial Cohesion Transition phase and expectations Lisbon Treaty and EU2020 Strategy Commissions Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion Definition and articulation of the future territorial cohesion Relation with other EU strategies: Rural Development Sustainable Development Strategy Urban Agenda Climate Change Strategy EXPECTATION: evidence on the implications of the Lisbon Treaty on the territorial cohesion, evidence on the impact of territorial cohesion on the above mentioned strategies

7 TIA Territorial Impact Assessment: Joint contribution to the TA: The ESPON 2010 Programme has elaborated relevant tools for TIA that show clear potential for policymakers. Progress now should be made to: Better understand the variation in regional sensitivities to European directives Test the different tools together with national, regional and local practitioners in a a practical policymaking environment New ESPON projects are expected to address these issues in the forthcoming months (EITA: ESPON and TIA) No additional formal procedures Inform and provide decision making on an efficient and pragmatic basis.

8 MARM. DG Sustainable Rural Development Spanish presentation of the Urban - Rural relation topic:Spanish presentation of the Urban - Rural relation topic: The Spanish Presidency has developed a report about the state of knowledge of the urban-rural relations and different aspects covered by this definition: Urban-rural narratives and spatial trends in Europe (MCRIT) Contribution to action 1.1.a (Urban-rural relations) of the AP1 10 main conclusions from this work: EXPECTATIONS: more projects showing the impact of these relations on rural population/areas. ESPON Projects like: ESPON 1.1.2. Urban-rural analysis, typologies and policies ESPON 3.2. Urban-rural implications of territorial scenarios 2030 EDORA. Opportunities and challenges facing rural areas show great interest for the Spanish Presidency

9 MARM. DG Sustainable Rural Development Being the DG for Sustainable Rural Development the unit responsible for this work, main subjects of interest: Gender equality in rural areas: European Forum on The Role of Women in Sustainable Development of the Rural Environment. Cáceres, 27-29 April 2010. CAP after 2013.Territorial impacts. Rural Development, Less favoured areas… Other policies: Water Framework Directive, Climate Action, Energy Policy… CFP: Fisheries Dependent Regions

10 Conclusions The ESPON 2013 Programme is a key tool endorsed by the TA. It is expected to: analyze the effects of the EU policies in territorial cohesion reveal cause and effect relationships operational indicators and maps Main subjects: Implications of the EU2020 on territorial issues Impact TAsectoral policies TSP: new opportunities for new challenges Territorial cohesion: Lisbon Treaty and european strategies TIA Urban-rural issue Themes related to CAP, rural developmet, environmental policies, and others. Participation of ESPON 2013 beneficiaries/stakeholders on events related to the TA

11 THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Rocío Wojski Pérez Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs DG Sustainable Rural Development

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