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D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 1 e-Beams Systems Update People Progress the last review LTU and Dump Installation Status Undulator.

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1 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 1 e-Beams Systems Update People Progress the last review LTU and Dump Installation Status Undulator System Status Controls Status Installation Readiness Reviews Accelerator Readiness Review Schedule and Budget Linac and Undulator Risks David Schultz

2 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 2 New responsibilities Jim Krebs has joined LCLS as Deputy e-Beam Systems Manager. Enzo Carrone has joined LCLS and the Controls Department as the Deputy Controls Head for LCLS.

3 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 3 E-Beams systems since the last review Injector and Linac/BC2 commissioning is complete. The ‘07 downtime installation went very well. These systems, through linac sector 30, have been handed over to operations. The Undulator vacuum chamber crisis is behind us. The extruded Al chamber was adopted, meets all specs. All chambers and supports are at SLAC. Undulator tuning at the MMF here at SLAC is going well. All Undulators have been received from ANL

4 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 4 LTU and Dump status LTU installation is underway. Supports, cable plant, rack installation is ongoing. Magnet installation is underway. Components are RFI with few exceptions: Vacuum chambers are arriving from the vendor 2 of 3 dump magnets are in-house Dump vacuum assembly is nearing completion Spot shielding is in fabrication (and RP). Contracts are in place for dump steel and dump component installation.

5 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 5 LTU system installation 6/10/08

6 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 6 Control racks in service building 911 6/10/08

7 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 7 Undulator status Most of ANL deliveries are complete, or soon will be. Quads, Vac chambers and supports, Girders and supports, bellows, ion pumps, … Quad measurement underway at SLAC 17 RFI (6/11), all RFI by 6/30 16 Controls racks here, the rest are due 6/23 Girder assembly is underway 2 RFI, + 3 assembled, + 3 partially assembled

8 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 8 Undulator girder assembled at SLAC 4/15/08

9 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 9 Undulator supports installed in the tunnel 6/12/08 64 pedestals installed, 15 aligned

10 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 10 Undulator status RF Beam Position Monitor Have had productions problems with developing the process attaching the vacuum windows onto the body. Now have a process which works. Developed and done at ANL (not at the vendor). 11 BPMs RFI at SLAC, all (40) BPMs at SLAC 7/31

11 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 11 Undulator status Beam Finder Wire Have had problems with wire position reproducibility. Solution is in hand, production at ANL is steady. 15 BFWs at SLAC, 7 RFI, all BFWs at SLAC 7/6.

12 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 12 Controls status Cable plant installation for the LTU, Undulator and Dump is underway, the schedule is tight. Power supply racks are RFI. I&C racks have arrived (late). Now loading and testing the racks in the lab. Undulator controls racks arriving from ANL. 16 this week, the rest next week. Software has been checked out at ANL. Safety and protection systems (PPS, MPS) are on track.

13 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 13 Installation Readiness Reviews Installation Readiness Reviews were held 2/26/08 for the LTU and Dump. 4/17/08 for the Undulator. Recommendations: Appoint an oversight person for Undulator integration. Jim Krebs has been appointed Review cable plant  girder installation conflicts. Installation sequence has been altered to minimize impact.

14 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 14 LCLS Accelerator Readiness Review Safety Assessment Document A SAD and ASE is being prepared to include the LTU through the electron dump. Writing has started, due date is July The SAD will need revision in 2009 for the FEE, and NEH through FEH. Accelerator Readiness Review (ARR) The ARR will be held this November for commissioning to the electron beam dump. Bob Casey of BNL to Chair Readiness Reviews for the FEE, NEH and FEH hutches will be done later.

15 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 15 LCLS installation and commissioning time-line LTU/Und/Dump Install LTU/Und Comm. Re-commission Inj/BC2 to SL2 First Light in FEE PEP-II run ends FEE/NEH Install PPS Cert. LTU/Dump FEH Install CD-4 (7/31/2010)X-Rays in NEH First Light in FEH NEH Operations/ Commissioning J J F F M M A A M M J J J J A A S S D D J J F F M M A A M M J J J J A A S S O O N N D D J J F F M M A A M M J J J J ON A A 2008 2009 2010 Down PPS A A M M now Linac/BC2 Commissioning FEE Comm. April 18, 2008 FEH Hutch BO

16 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 16 Issues Beneficial Occupancy is late. We have begun Vacuum system assembly anyway Of particular concern is temperature stability and cleanliness in the Undulator Hall. We will not be able to install girders until these concerns are satisfied. Dump installation is also starting to suffer. Component deliveries from vendors (LTU vacuum chambers, BYD magnets) and from ANL (BFW, Quad spools) continue to be worrisome, but not show-stoppers

17 D. Schultz FAC 6/17/08 17 Summary Installation is underway in the LTU, Undulator and Dump Late: area co-occupancy and D-B contract release. Component availability will not be a limiting factor. Undulator components are at SLAC awaiting installation. Parts are arriving now in sufficient quantity to support girder assembly. Girder assembly is near the Project critical path, and ahead of that schedule. Controls installation is underway but, as usual, all else must be done before controls checkout can be concluded.

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