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FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 1 e-Beams Systems Update People ARR Linac Installation Undulator Production MMF Operations David Schultz.

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1 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 1 e-Beams Systems Update People ARR Linac Installation Undulator Production MMF Operations David Schultz

2 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 2 New responsibilities in Linac and Undulator Jose Chan is the new Cost Account Manager for LCLS Injector and Linac Systems, taking over from Eric Bong. Geoff Pile is the new Cost Account Manager for Undulator Systems at ANL, taking over from Steve Milton.

3 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 3 Injector Accelerator Readiness Review

4 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 4 Injector Accelerator Readiness Review Safety Assessment Document The LCLS SAD for Injector Commissioning was approved Jan. 24 th. Accelerator Readiness Review (ARR) The ARR for Injector Commissioning was held October 31st. The committee (in part) reconvened March 14 th. The four pre-start items were cleared when the ARR report was released. Four comments from the SSO were also addressed. Approval to operate was given April 4 th.

5 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 5 Injector Commissioning First electrons from the gun 4/5/07 Courtesy P. Emma Injector Commissioning is underway. Commissioning has been impeded by faulty hardware Problems with profile monitors, toroids, FC Working on improving QA, in the shops, with vendors and during installation.

6 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 6 2007 Commissioning BC1 BLM LX L1 Ins/SAB Wall Laser stopper Sector 20 Sector 21 See P. Emma’s talk

7 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 7 SLAC linac tunnel research yard Linac-0 L =6 m Linac-1 L  9 m Linac-2 L  330 m Linac-3 L  550 m BC1 L  6 m BC2 L  22 m DL2 L =275 m ‘Wall region’ undulator L =130 m 6 MeV 135 MeV 250 MeV4.30 GeV13.6 GeV Linac-X L =0.6 m 21-1 b,c,d...existing linac L0-a,b rf gun 21-3b 24-6d X 25-1a 30-8c Now commissioning 2007 down Installation Schedule

8 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 8 Draft LCLS Installation and Commissioning Time-Line April 12, 2007 rmb AASSOONNDDJJFFMMAAMMJJJJAASSOONNDDJJFFMMAAMMJJJJ Drive- Laser Installed Drive-Laser Commissioning Gun/Inj/BC1 Commissioning Gun/Inj./BC1 Install linac/BC2 Install Linac/BC2 Commissioning LTU/Und/Dump FEE/NEH Install 2006200620072007 LTU/und. hall “ready” ControlsCheckout LTU/und. Commissioning First Spont. Light AASS CD-4a OONNDDJJFFMM 2008200820092009 PPS ControlsCheckout Checkouts ’08 inst. sched. under development

9 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 9 ’07 Downtime Installation Sept., Oct., Nov. 2007, a very tight schedule. Installation of BC2 and L3, not L2. Installation to support BTH-West Cable plant installation through the BSY Coordinated through the AD downtime schedule IRR held March 16 th. Kicker magnet design is still ongoing. Cable plant inst. schedule is tight. Scheduling and coordination between the different disciplines will be vital. See breakout talks

10 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 10 ’08 Installation LTU/Undulator/Dump Readiness for early occupancy held at Nov. 1, 2007 Begin installation with: Metrology Beamline supports Cable plant Installation scheduling to be coordinated by R. M. Boyce Installation contracts need to go to bid this summer. Need to complete designs to support these. See breakout talk

11 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 11 Undulator Systems Components Quadrupole magnets on order. Beam Finder Wire going to procurement. Wire card a SLAC responsibility, design underway. Support/Mover system going to procurement. RF Beam Position Monitor in development. Prototype being brazed. Vacuum Chamber – next slide These systems are all near the critical path. WPM/HLS FDR was held March 22nd See G. Pile’s talk

12 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 12 Undulator vacuum chamber - 4-Weld Design Two competing designs were carried to the prototype stage. Review of the Undulator Vacuum Chamber Design Options, Feb. 22 nd The 4-Weld design was selected to remain the baseline. Early 4-Weld prototype 2 full size prototypes have been produced and tested. Vacuum properties, mag. permeability, surface coating process, look good. Fabrication schedule identified as a problem. Ordering materials now, preparing the fab. bid package

13 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 13 Undulator Magnetic Measurement 35 undulators have been accepted at the vendors. 20 undulators are at SLAC. All undulators will be at SLAC by July. The MMF is in a production mode, but behind schedule. 3 undulators finished magnetically, but not RFI. 1 undulator in fine tuning, 1 in rough tuning. Production rate is approaching 1 per week. Learning to deal with the exceptional cases. See breakout talk

14 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 14 The ’07 downtime Linac installation schedule is very tight. Hardware availability is being closely monitored Kicker magnet, cable plant, are concerns Controls checkout (last) is at risk. The Undulator vacuum chamber is still on the critical path. This schedule is being pushed. RFBPM production schedule is close to critical. The MMF is in production. Need to solidly demonstrate throughput. Issues

15 FAC, 4/16/07 D. Schultz 15 end

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