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1 Stimulating change through ICT Gael Hernandez 29 th March 2011 CRS ICT4D Conference Lusaka

2 About IICD Non profit foundation Specialises in ICT as a tool for development ICT for: economic development, health, education

3 The appropriate and sustainable use of information, communication and supporting technologies to support development objectives of people and organisations ICT for Development

4 Mission To connect 15 million people with low incomes in Africa and Latin America, thereby enabling them to realise changes in their lives. We will collaborate with our counterparts to identify and implement ICT to achieve their objectives. People – ICT – Development

5 How we work Round table process Building capacities and capabilities of programme partners Knowledge sharing (National ICT4D networks) Learning through monitoring and evaluation ICT policy development From piloting to leveraging Partnerships Roundtable workshop, Uganda

6 IICD social innovation process 1. Local Ownership (OW) 2. Competency Development in ICT (CD) 3. Institutional Integration of ICT (II) Facilitation of participatory identification & formulation 4. Joint learning, monitoring & evaluation of outputs, outcomes, impact & processes Support in knowledge sharing, lobbying & policy formulation Advice on change management & alignment Coaching & training in social, technical & financial knowledge, skills and attitudes Adjusted strategies localpartners & C4C partners 0. Base line

7 IICD in Zambia Active since 1999(2009) in education, health and economic development (livelihoods) sectors. ICT Policy advice for the Ministry of Education. Collaborating with Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sports, Youth and Child Development Over 15 projects on the ground with an estimate of 3.300 users and 63.000 beneficiaries Implementation of an education programme with the support of the Motorola Foundation (support ($100,000)) during 2010 and Microsoft (licenses donation ($15,000) during 2011)

8 Internal Control System for OPPAZ (Organic Producers and Processors Association of Zambia)

9 Livelihoods of organic producers remains a challenge for Zambian farmers. Organic Producers and Processors Association of Zambia (OPPAZ) assists organic farmers to obtain national and international certification for various commodities including rice, coffee, beans (and other produce). Certification procedures are specified according to international standards and require gathering and supervision of periodic technical information (plot data, crop type, crop produce, fertilisers, etc) by OPPAZ. How can ICT enhance OPPAZ operations?

10 Strategic advice: (both) at organisational-, project- (management) and technical level. ICT Infrastructure: providing new and (or) upgrading existing equipment and services. Capacity building activities: develop core competencies (technical and non-technical) to embed the project into the organisation and enhance processes (HQ-OPPAZ, Producer Organisations, Extension Workers). ICT product and/or service development: technical support and advice on development of relevant ICT solutions. –Management Information System + Mobile Application and Website Integrated approach

11 Within the pilot project: The internal control system provides support to five small-scale organizations under OPPAZ nationwide benefiting a total of 900 farmers and 7.200 beneficiaries. The management information system (MIS) enhances a time and staff intensive manual system for capturing, managing, reporting and communication of certification data between the farmer organisations and OPPAZ inspectors. The MIS maintains updated OPPAZ member information such as farm details, plot details, crops & fertilizers usage for the past 4 years, etc. MIS: Internal Control System

12 MIS: Internal Control System (to be updated)

13 Android-based mobile application. Questionnaire developed based on the needed data Collection of GPS coordinates of the farmer's plot areas and update the MIS information. Currently on beta version. QAMS mobile application

14 QAMS mobile application

15 To deploy a system which makes the certification process easier, transparent for all stakeholders and cost effective. To have a system which can enhance the marketing of organic produce To have a transparent system which would interest more farmers to become organic farmers To have a system which is sustainable and scalable The software application is licensed as free software so that source code can be obtained for further development and customised. The MIS software was locally developed by Open Source Zambia Initiative with conceptual support from IICD and Dutch consultants. The Android mobile application is developed by a Zambian software developer as external consultant. Business model

16 To be developed Cost structures for users/Support in the field

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