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Linking BRICS innovation potential through Innovation Networking Platform Sergey Korotkov Director, UNIDO CIIC Russia.

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1 Linking BRICS innovation potential through Innovation Networking Platform Sergey Korotkov Director, UNIDO CIIC Russia

2 Common Trends in BRICS’ Innovation Development The continuous development of the national innovation system promotes the formation of SMEs’ innovation networks, technology parks and incubators. It also provides a good platform for the development of SMEs, while at the same time building SME innovation networks through national policies and incentives, technical support and technical intermediary services. (BRICS – National Systems of Innovations, IDRC, 2014) Internationalisation of SMEs, R&D institutions and universities is a important driver of economy growth “Open innovation” is a new model to foster competiveness of national industry through intensive cooperation with R&D teams and innovative SMEs worldwide

3 Innovation Networking Platform UNIDO project “Partnership between Russia and Brazil in technology and innovation for development of SMEs” The general goal of the project is to enhance business partnerships between BRICS’ countries to exploit potential synergies between them in selected areas of innovation and new technologies, through institutional alliances supported by UNIDO as broker of win-win Cooperation. In the selected areas of cooperation, the two BRICS countries could mutually benefit from their know-how and market opportunities to intensify intra-BRICS investment flows. The project is targeted at developing a phased approach for sustainability. Firstly by establishing electronic communication tools and by training staff at networked technological institutions in Brazil and Russia to assist SME associations in preparing joint proposals for cooperation in the two BRICS countries, and then by seeking financial and technical resources to sustain the assistance for longer term cooperation between Brazil and Russia and further expand this approach to other BRICS countries. The objective of the first project phase is to develop a networking platform for technology institutions, business associations and venture capital organizations to enhance innovation alliances and sustainability of technology transfer between Russia and Brazil, with extension to other BRICS countries. This initiative should be a first step (feasibility study) for full-scale project for establishment of BRICS Business Innovation Network supporting innovation and technological cooperation among BRICS countries.

4 Project Scope Project duration: 01/06/2014 – 31/05/2015 (to be extended till 31/05/2018) Target groups and beneficiaries o SMEs, Universities, R&D Labs, Industry looking for new markets/opportunities via technology cooperation Milestones: o Launch of IT-platform o Networking partners in BRICS countries join the IT-platform o 15+ technological offers/requests for cooperation are identified and uploaded to the IT platform. Expected results: o IT-platform for technology institutions, business associations and venture capital organizations established at counterpart institutions and shared with BRICS countries. o Institutions are strengthened in staff service capacities to assist SMEs in seizing mutual market opportunities and appropriate technology transfer solutions in high growth sectors, as well as in fostering international alliances between Russian and Brazilian SMEs. o Joint pilot projects in priority sectors are identified and support is provided for their implementation. o Compendium of models is diffused to other BRICS countries, inviting them to join the platform through an international workshop carried out to present the platform and the related achievements of the pilot project.

5 Linking Innovation Players together Common Methodology (requirements, formats) Technology Audit Standard Information & Communication Platform Brokerage events & activities Network Members – Regional Development Agencies, Technology Transfer Centers etc. SMEs, R&D institutions, universities Coordination with Innovation support Funds & Programs Trainings Common Tools Coordination Advisory Board National Coordinators (operational management, monitoring) Stakeholders: (national innovation support agencies, R&D institutions, technological platforms, business associations) Certification Financial support of services

6 Partnership for the project implementation UNIDO – Policy Project Coordinator (“umbrella partner”) Russian Technology Transfer Network - partner in Russia, project operator Project is open for participation. We invite to join: o national technology transfer networks/centers o foundations supporting the national innovation development o business associations supporting technological business cooperation o universities and their alliances with industrial companies o innovation infrastructure – business incubators, technoparks, clusters, etc.

7 Success Factors Political support (UNIDO, RF Ministry of Economic Development, RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs, coordination bodies in BRICS countries ….) Synergy with other initiatives Experience of the Russian Technology Transfer Network in the establishment of transnational networks FURTHER CONTACTS: Moscow UNIDO Center,

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