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Excellence with Impact Declan Mulkeen January 2011.

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1 Excellence with Impact Declan Mulkeen January 2011

2 Research Councils UK (RCUK) Partnership of the UK’s seven Research Councils. Annually invest around £3 billion in research. Support research that contributes to a productive economy, healthy society and a sustainable world. Work with a range of partners to support exchange of knowledge from the research base into the private, public and third sectors.

3 RCUK position Research Councils UK Mission on Economic and Societal Impact To advance knowledge, understanding and technology (including the promotion and support of the exploitation of research outcomes), and provide trained researchers; To build partnerships to enhance take-up and impact, thereby contributing to the: –economic competitiveness of the United Kingdom, –effectiveness of public services and policy, and –enhancement of the quality of life and creative output of the nation

4 Engaging key stakeholders Strategic relationships with sectors, and government departments Coordinating strategic HEI engagement and maintaining close alignment with Funding Councils Working closely with the Technology Strategy Board

5 Maximising research impact Starting point: focus on beneficiaries Driving culture change Data gathering Tools for impact assessment Combining existing evaluation techniques in new ways Using impact assessments to support the case for continued investment in research

6 Pathways to Impact Attitudes and Perceptions “The Pathways to Impact policy does encourage academic researchers to think more about the impact of their research on society and any specific benefits that may arise” - Research organisation (2010)

7 The Research Outcomes project Collect information about outcomes and impacts arising from projects funded by the Research Councils Common standards across Research Councils Building up the picture on an ongoing basis

8 Research Outcomes Types of outputs collected… Publication Exhibition/Performance Other Academic/Scientific Research Outputs Collaboration Communication Knowledge Transfer Exploitation & Innovation Further Funding Intellectual Property Spin-out Company Career Development Skill Next Destination Award/Recognition Impact Academic/Societal/Economic Impact Summary Influence on Policy

9 Evaluations and impact studies Demonstrating and understanding impact –Evaluations and impact studies –Learning from success stories

10 Thank you

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