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e-Krishok Smart Farmer: Smart Future

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1 e-Krishok Smart Farmer: Smart Future
Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID) e-Ag Conference 2014 3-4 December 2014 Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka

2 Introduction of BIID Inclusive Business
BIID is a private sector initiative that offers a range of services aimed at development and promotion of ICT based information and services market in Bangladesh It’s distinction lies in clear understanding of issues & opportunities to benefit the poor with the use of ICTs and consider local dynamics BIID envisions in becoming a reliable and leading enterprise offering strategic planning, implementation assistance and consulting services to public, private and other initiatives in ICT based services market of Bangladesh and in other developing countries BIID’s key strategy is to ensure Making ICT works for poor as an effective tool & cross cutting issue. And build on the existing system and available as well as emerging technologies and potential users

3 Partners and Services of BIID
Farmbook Proudly Bangladesh Market Linkage Program ICT4D Journal


5 BIID initiatives in e-Agriculture
e-Krishok – Extension, Business Planning and Market Linkage eXtension Portal: Knowledge Sharing Extension Process Outsourcing (EPO) Crop and Floriculture Insurance Batighar : Shared Access Points 16250 Short Code : Voice and SMS service Market Linkage Program (MLP)

6 Brief on e-Krishok Service Brand of BIID Launched in 2009
ICT supported information, advisory services & market linkage targeted to farmers and agro-businesses Utilize ICT as a development enabler to contribute to income growth and better living conditions of the farmers, agro-entrepreneurs and other potential income generating groups in rural Bangladesh More details are available at

7 e-Krishok : Vision and Mission
Empower BIID developed the e-Krishok initiative to bring the benefits of ICT to the farmers community of Bangladesh. Its objective is to empower farmers through knowledge sharing, adopting sustainable, climate resilient farming practices, capacity building and providing innovative, smart solutions. Enable Making ICT work for farmers not only as medium of communication but also as development enabler. Improve Empower farmers to harness the benefits of ICT to improve livelihoods through increased farm productivity and income growth. Efficient Effectively reach farmers and underserved communities in the rural areas with relevant services and Involve farmers in the process of service development & promotion for proactive adoption


9 Smart Farmer: Smart Future
Partners Smart Farmer: Smart Future Campaign Idea Generation Awareness Capacity Building Recognition Partners “Smart Farmer, Smart Future” is a campaign to promote ICT enabled e-Krishok services in agricultural sector through awareness building, training and organizing a competition for idea generation.

10 Smart Farmer: Smart Future
Partners Competition to generate ideas on uses of ICT (mobile & internet) in agricultural services Capacity Building of Extension Agents through e-learning Awareness building on using mobile and internet based services in agriculture Sensitizing stakeholders Recognition through award, promotion, documentation and exchange

11 e-Krishok Smart Village

12 Smart Farmer Smart Future
Way Forward Smart Farmer Smart Future Smart Village Sustainable Model Smart Village is extensive and integrated approach to demonstrate the power of ICT in different level of livelihood. Empower poor farmers with information and communication tools and services that will increase their productivity and incomes Protect their food security and improve livelihoods Facilitate ICT skill development of rural youth and women Support the farmer families with e-Health services

13 A happy face of Farmer is SUSTAINABILTY
Sustainable Model A happy face of Farmer is SUSTAINABILTY

14 Thank You

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