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David Tinker, CFRE MISST, INFR608 September 4, 2009.

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1 David Tinker, CFRE MISST, INFR608 September 4, 2009

2 Need Terminology How a Search Engine Ranks a Web Page Current ACHIEVA Web Page Statistics How People Search for ACHIEVA On-Line Our Rankings Tools Plan of Action

3 Search Rank impacts Revenue Brand Relevance Above the scroll Allows people who really need us to find us

4 Search Engine Optimization – SEO Keywords Back Links Site Maps Black Hat / White Hat SEO Organic SEO

5 Search Engine Marketing SEM Pay Per Click (PPC) Banner Ads Sponsored Search Results

6 Crawls Website for Keywords Meta Tags Site Map Crawls Internet for Back Links Social Media Relevance Paid Content Paid Links Paid Banner Ads



9 Source Hitwise 8/09, AWStats 9/09







16 Current AWStats Check Manually Recommended AWStats SEOmoz –Free & $129/mo. SEOTools - Free & $150/mo.

17 Study baseline information collected Identify keywords Indentify ways to get back links Learn SEO tools Create budget for SEM Implement SEO changes, purchase SEM ads Monitor our results vs. competitor rankings

18 Each new referral for program can equal thousands of dollars. E.g. Each Early Intervention child gained can equal several thousand dollars. Potential to support child and family throughout their life can equal tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Increase in vocational sales and services will add jobs for people with disabilities. Reaching more people fulfills our mission to provide lifetime services for people with disabilities.

19 There is a definite need for SEO and SEM. It is an ongoing effort. Search engines continue to improve the relevancy and speed of their results, requiring regular updating of agency site. Tools are helpful. ACHIEVA web page is behind the curve. The ROI will increase finances and people served. ACHIEVA should invest manpower and money in it.

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