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Utilizing Global Search Engines to Penetrate Global Markets Curt Porritt SVP of Marketing

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1 Utilizing Global Search Engines to Penetrate Global Markets Curt Porritt SVP of Marketing

2 2 What All Global Companies Want: Localized Websites That: Generate a steady stream of qualified visitors; Convert those visitors into buyers of their products and services; Generate significantly more revenue for their business from the Internet.

3 3 What’s Hot

4 4 Search Engines Are Easily The Most Popular Form of Online Advertising! What’s Hot

5 5 Europe Growing Faster Than U.S. “The European search market is currently about 20-25% that of the United States, but given a higher rate of growth, it is projected to reach almost 40% of the total search market by 2010.” Source: Forrester Research, Europe’s Search Engine Marketing Forecast

6 6 The European Search Market is Going to Explode Over the Next Five Years. Europe Growing Faster Than U.S.

7 7 Cost Per Lead Is Lower Than Any Other Form Of Advertising! What Are The Costs?

8 8 What Are The Results?

9 9 Pay Per Click or Sponsored Links Natural or Organic Results Key #1 Optimize Website Key #2 Backward Links

10 10 Ultimate Goal: Help prospects find your company instead of your competitors

11 11 L10N and iSEO To be effective, iSEO requires that EXACT terminology be used. For example: Keyword# of Searches per Month Budget car rental450,000 (company) Cheap car rental430,000 Discount car rental240,000 (company) Economy car rental16,000 Car rental bargain11,500 Lowest price car rental10,300 Cheapest car rental6,200

12 12 How Tools Can Help This Process Example of tools used for search engine marketing (See Sample Spreadsheets)

13 13 Translation Memory Issues Search engine don’t like duplicate content If you have translated text on one web page that’s basically the same as the text on another page, only one of them will be ranked (if any) This applies to pages within your own site as well as pages from another website. The more original content you have, the better Costs more, takes more time and effort

14 14 1.Generate a list of relevant of keywords people use when searching in each target language. 2.Incorporate keywords into your normal translation process/tools. 3.Create specific web pages for each target keyword. 4.Integrate these web pages into each of your international web sites. 5.Obtain high-quality links to each target web site/page. 6.Don’t duplicate content (read “translation memory”) Steps To iSEO Success

15 15 HANDOUT: SEO Basics Come get one if you’re interested How to write “landing pages” How to post landing pages to your website Getting links from press releases

16 16 What Can You Expect?

17 17 What Can You Expect?

18 18 International prospects are going to use search engines to find either your website or your competitor’s website. The choice is yours! Bottom Line: You’re Not Going To Stop It

19 19 Summary Search engines are becoming a vital element to global success. International search engine optimization (iSEO) will have an unavoidable impact on localized websites. Incorporating iSEO practices into your normal localization process will yield huge rewards over the coming years.

20 Thank You! Any questions or comments? Utilizing Global Search Engines to Penetrate Global Markets

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