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Building Coordinators Network January 12, 2007. Welcome.

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1 Building Coordinators Network January 12, 2007

2 Welcome

3 Building Coordinators Network To facilitate effective working relationships and communication between building users and facilities service providers to achieve more effective service levels.

4 Winter Weather / Snow Removal Bob Brooks Valerie RiChard

5 Winter Weather / Snow Removal There’s no business, like snow business!

6 Winter Weather / Snow Removal In case you have forgotten...

7 Winter Weather / Snow Removal Facilities Management Landscape Services is responsible for snow and ice removal on all campus sidewalks and institutional roads with the exception of... University Hospitals & Clinics facilities Athletics facilities Parking lots on the main campus

8 Winter Weather / Snow Removal Safety on Campus is Important Snow & ice removal policy and procedures are coordinated with UI Risk Management

9 Winter Weather / Snow Removal 29 full time Landscape Services staff 11 part time staff from other FM units 15+ pieces of equipment Ready to attack a snowfall!

10 Winter Weather / Snow Removal 28 Miles of Sidewalk Pentacrest to Cedar Rapids

11 Winter Weather / Snow Removal 31 Miles of Streets Pentacrest to Williamsburg

12 Winter Weather / Snow Removal Hand Shoveling Building & Walkway Steps

13 Winter Weather / Snow Removal Keeping ADA routes open is a priority

14 Winter Weather / Snow Removal Average 15 early call-ins per winter 5:00am start Goal to complete first cleaning by 7:30am

15 Winter Weather / Snow Removal Before we know it...

16 Winter Weather / Snow Removal Report problems to Work Control Center 335-5071

17 Snow Removal


19 Shared Responsibility Landscape Services Operations and Maintenance –Custodial Services

20 Role of Custodial Services Policy Preparation Priority Partnerships

21 Policy Custodial Training Manual Chapter 22 Who? –Everyone Where? –Generally 8 feet from entrance Walkways, stairs and entrances When? –Beginning of Shift –During the Shift –End of Shift –As needed What? –Heavy, light, impending snow and ice

22 Preparation Necessary Winter Equipment Evaluate equipment before November to identify needs –Shovels –De-icer “Snow Go” –Sand –Ice spud tool –Out door push broom for light snow –Matting –Wet and dry vac

23 Priority Takes precedence over regular routine work

24 Impact to Work Load Staff Facilities –Main entrance corridors –Stairs –Carpet

25 Partnerships If you have concerns about a specific area or need to report an unsafe condition, call Facilities Management Work Control Center at 335-5071

26 Jim Walker Building Emergency Information

27 Jim Walker, Director HPO - 100 HPO 335-8501 Building Emergency Information

28 Overview Health Protection Office HPO’s Mission – Information for Emergency Responders Paper & Electronic Building Emergency Teams “Information Reservoirs”

29 Health Protection Office Document Information for Emergency Responders Emergency Response Right To Know Locates Significant Quantities Provides Building Floor Plans Assigns Hazard Ratings Emergency Contacts Tier II Chemical name Hazard Quantities Locations


31 Health Protection Office Electronic Information For Emergency Responders ChemTracker – UI Web-based Inventory System Web-based and secured Chemical Name, Building, Room #, Quantities, Summary Reports Embedded MSDS Management System


33 Health Protection Office Developing Building Emergency Teams Improve Emergency Preparedness Identify Participants & Create Teams Develop Written EP Plan for Building Develop Knowledge/Information Application Build System Initially Around Chemicals Teams Serve as Information Reservoirs

34 Glen Mowery Energy Conservation and Management Strategic Plan

35 Energy Objectives  Reliability Firm Capacity by 2013  Conservation 10% Energy Consumption Reduction by 2013  Sustainability 15% Renewable Energy by 2013 Energy Conservation and Management Strategic Plan

36 A.Utilities Enterprise Supply/Demand Management  Managing our “Energy Appetite” 1.Capacity and Infrastructure Growth Fund 2.Demand-Side Management 3.Investment in Capacity 4.Capital Renewal Strategies for Achieving Energy Objectives

37 B.GEF Funded Energy Management  Reducing Costs / Improving Service 5.Central Building Control and Monitoring 6.Building Controls Design, Engineering, and Installation 7.Energy Management Staffing Strategies for Achieving Energy Objectives

38 C.Campus Consumption & Conservation Management  Engaging the Business Model 8.Life-Cycle Cost Investments 9.Reinvestments of Rebates 10.Commissioning 11.Partnerships 12.Energy Star Purchases 13.Measuring Process 14.Reporting Strategies for Achieving Energy Objectives

39 Emergency Communications Chuck Green

40 Don Guckert Access & Security Strategic Plan


42 Facilities Management and Public Safety led collaboration to develop a comprehensive plan to elevate campus security and control and manage access to university facilities.

43 Access & Security Strategic Plan Key Components: Enterprise-based Control System Standard System Architecture System for Assessing Security Needs Support & Service Business Model Implementation Plan

44 Access & Security Strategic Plan Challenges Valuable and varied assets to protect More than 100 buildings Open campus culture Nearly 50,000 users

45 Access & Security Strategic Plan Challenges Lack of key management controls Non-standard and obsolete system designs Centralized & decentralized needs Current investment in Marlok

46 Access & Security Strategic Plan Administrative Plan Central Control Technology Design Standards Security Assessment Integrated Databases

47 Access & Security Strategic Plan Administrative Plan (continued) Support & Servicing Security Monitoring Card Management Key & Card Issuance

48 Access & Security Strategic Plan Implementation Plan Installations in New and Renovated Facilities Conversion of Priority Facilities Re-keying of Existing Facilities Conversion of Marlok Systems

49 Access & Security Strategic Plan Building Coordinators input is vital Looking for volunteers More information to follow

50 Art Building West Rod Lehnertz

51 Art Building West




















71 Thank you Building Coordinators

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