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INTEGRATE: INTerlinking and Embedding GRaduate ATtributes at Edinburgh Dr Jessie Paterson, Institute for Academic Development.

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1 INTEGRATE: INTerlinking and Embedding GRaduate ATtributes at Edinburgh Dr Jessie Paterson, Institute for Academic Development

2 What is the project is about? Focuses on 2 areas covering UG, PGT and PGR:- Embedding graduate attributes and PDP Use of an e-portfolio tool (Pebblepad) for PDP NB This works is part of the Scottish Personal Development (PDP) Institutional Development Programme, supported by the Higher Education Academy, QAA Scotland and the Centre for Recording Achievement.

3 Graduate Attributes at UoE Transformative student experience Students have the opportunity to develop and strengthen approaches to:- –knowledge and learning, –setting and achieving personal goals –interacting with the world and environments Aim to enrich the student experience, encourage PDP through an appreciation of not only the subject area of the degree obtained but also the skills achieved

4 Graduate Attributes at Edinburgh Made up of three overarching attributes, underpinned by four overlapping clusters of skills and abilities.

5 PebblePad PebblePad is the e-portfolio system used within the University of Edinburgh Seen as “student owned” Series of tools to enable PDP, including:- Webfolio - an evidence-based website, that students or staff can build (like series of web pages) Profile - self-evaluation questionnaires Action plans Blogs

6 Strands UG - Academic skills for Divinity students (level 7) course PGT - MSc Advanced Nursing Studies degree programme PGR - Principal’s Career Development PhD scholarhips

7 Strand 1 - UG Background School of Divinity has a compulsory academic skills course in 1st year - aim is to ensure all students have the BASIC skills they need for their academic career e.g. essay writing, using the Library Aim is to introduce graduate attributes and PDP in this course without losing the course’s primary aim BUT start students on the PDP journey

8 Aims of the project Using the existing course but re-focus with graduate attribute skills and abilities seen as the primary focus with the core academic skills embedded within these Embed PDP and use of PebblePad as a key component of student learning For students to take start taking ownership of PDP and their skill development - to reflect on skills required within and outwith the formal academic structure Have pilot structure in place for Sept 2011 intake

9 Progress to date Approach agreed –Mixture of WebCT and PebblePad with clear boundaries of “ownership” WebCT entry point, with resources/materials University owned, PebblePad student owned –University of Edinburgh MyEdge webfolio and learning profile used as basis but adapted and tailored to meet the needs of the course and stage that the students are at

10 –Graduate attribute clusters of skills and abilities will be main framework with “academic skills” embedded appropriately within these, with linkage to wider aspects. Selective release of materials to fit in with academic curriculum –Start will be self “audit” of where they stand in terms of the overarching attributes (BIG PICTURE QUESTIONS), finish with action plan to take forward for each of four skills/ability areas

11 MyEdge WebFolio

12 MyEdge Learning Profile

13 “Academic Skills - Library Resources” Materials & Resources Wider aspects of Research Enquiry Materials & Resources (light touch) Action Plan From PebblePad Self-assess: Link to PebblePad MyEdge learning profile questions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Asked to assess where they are at present in this area and give evidence, make plans etc as appropriate Example - Research Enquiry

14 Strand 2 - PGT Background Nursing Studies introduced eportfolios to encourage PDP in 2006 across all years Given induction sessions on self-reflection and eportfolio creation in PebblePad Advancing Nursing Practice (MSc) are producing eportfolios for final assessment Marking guidelines have been developed for marking e- portfolios (importance of reflecting professional/personal growth; including evidence of self reflection and assessment; identifying future professional/personal development)

15 Aims of Project To describe the “journey” that Nursing Studies have gone through - split into sections/stages so that others can follow (depending on needs) The 'story' will include things to avoid and solutions, handy tips - anything useful to people wanting to adopt PDP at PGT (particularly for vocational type courses) Generally, to document and share experiences of embedding PDP within a programme Other study areas might adapt the marking guidelines and benefit from the work already conducted

16 Progress to date Interviews with the course organiser (Advancing Nursing Practice) Mapping out of the journey taken to embed PDP Relating the professional competencies of this vocational subject area to the University’s graduate attributes

17 Example Webfolio

18 Portfolio assessment criteria

19 Strand 3 - PGR Background Principal’s Career Development PhD Scholarships introduced in 2010-11 Aim is to provide an opportunity for postgraduate research students to undertake a package of training and development allowing them develop the necessary skills required to meet their career choices, beyond the subject area work. These include teaching, public engagement, entrepreneurship, and research.

20 Aim of Project Provide a structured supported PDP platform within PebblePad for students on this pathway To focus on two of the development areas –Teaching with the Institute of Academic Development –Public engagement with Edinburgh Beltane Beacon (

21 Progress to date Working with specific areas to develop a starter webfolio in Pebblepad for students to take forward and develop including self-assessment and reflection pointers To build linked in resources/materials and opportunities for networking with fellow students To start the process of mapping graduate attributes for PGR

22 Public Engagement Learning Profile

23 Teaching experiences webfolio

24 Conclusions Early stages for all three strands, but benefits already seen in building of community and sharing of practice and ideas. For strands 1 and 3 evaluation will not be available until 2012. By September 2011 a report will be available of initial setup and findings.

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