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In Millburn Academy we aim to…  ‘develop skilful, resourceful, resilient, flexible and independent learners who are well prepared to contribute to 21.

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2 In Millburn Academy we aim to…  ‘develop skilful, resourceful, resilient, flexible and independent learners who are well prepared to contribute to 21 st century society’  facilitate and support the rounded development of all our young people – academically, emotionally, spiritually and physically – as they work towards their personal goals  offer a wide variety of opportunities for learning and development to young people in Millburn Academy and in the wider community  improve the attainment and achievement of all pupils at all levels, particularly in the senior school as a key on going priority

3 Highland Council Policy for the Senior Phase  It is expected that all Highland secondary schools will offer 6 courses in S4 and 5 or 6 courses in S5/6 by session 2015/2016. At Millburn we will continue to offer 6 courses in S4 and 5 courses in S5/6 – 6 possible for some pupils in S5 and 6. Millburn Academy Senior Phase Curriculum  33 period week – 32 teaching periods and 1 period for Information Sharing, spread across three mornings  S4 - Pupils study 6 subjects + PD/PE/RME (reduced for 2015/16)  S5 - Pupils study up to 5 subjects + PD/PE/PS  S6 - Pupils study up to 5 subjects + Core extraction

4 Senior Phase Learning Agreement The decision for S5 and S6 pupils to return to school is an important one and pupils should be clear about the reason for continuing their education at Millburn Academy, beyond the statutory school leaving age. It is expected that senior pupils will demonstrate a high commitment to their studies and pupils entering S5 and S6 are required to sign and return a Senior Phase Learning Agreement. Pupils are asked to apply for a place in S5/6 - include a short personal statement, outlining their reasons for returning to school, how they will contribute to the life of the school and their personal targets for the session. This statement will also be used as part of the application process for any senior school roles. (e.g. Prefect, Sports Prefect, Pupil Council, Eco Group)

5 New vs Old Qualifications

6 S3 into S4 Key Points S3 move from the Broad General Education phase into the Senior Phase. Specialisation leading to SQA course qualifications and examinations. Focus on 6 subjects – National 4 or 5 for most pupils. Where appropriate, some S4 could join Higher classes where evidence of potential and ability to cope with demands is available. NB time implications. Heavy demands on pupils re volume of assessment and evidencing standards. Work experience – an entitlement for all but no longer on block release for large groups of S4. Appropriate timing and nature of placements to help pupils reach goals. Onus on pupils to research and identify the most appropriate placement. Aiming for school exit year for most pupils.

7 Pupils select 5 subject specialisms. These can be continued from National study in S4 or can focus on new subjects. Courses will be National 4/5, Highers and Advanced Highers. (National 1-3 available in some areas as necessary) Learning packages can include school courses college access open or distance learning courses (most including Saturday workshops) * These could be in addition to 5 school options. work placement/volunteering as appropriate and as available. S4 into S5 Key Points

8 Important next steps… Take time to think about your personal goals and what you would like to achieve this year and throughout the Senior Phase. Reflect on the subjects where you feel engaged, where you feel your abilities have developed, where you are motivated to study and which create the pathways you plan to follow. This will reduce the need for option changes at a later date. Take the time to discuss this with your parent(s)/carer(s). Talk to your teachers about courses of interest. Meet with your Guidance teacher/SLT to discuss your option choices.

9 Important sources of information… Look at the Course Information Booklet which is available on the school website. SQA course outline information, which is available through the SQA website. Read through university and college prospectuses available online or in the school library. Pupils will be directed to the My World of Work website prior to requests for appointments with Skills Development Scotland Careers Adviser.

10 Pupils entering S6 must make a choice from each of the five columns. The choice should include a minimum of 4 courses at either National, Higher or Advanced Higher level and 1 choice from the Wider Achievement column. Any variation to this will be considered on an individual basis and will be based on achieving clearly identified personal goals. Pupils may identify an alternative option in the Wider Achievement column and should discuss this with their Guidance teacher/SLT in the first instance. Pupils may be able to obtain a Scottish Studies Higher through S6. It is important to identify a work placement as part of the option process where this is a priority. This will allow time to secure the placements before the end of the summer term. S5 into S6 Key Points

11 When you have made a choice in each column, place a tick in the appropriate box. If you have been unable to choose a subject you wanted to study from the form as it is arranged, you should enter it in the appropriate column at the bottom of the back page of the form. New S5 and S6 option decisions may be affected by examination results issued in August. Subject changes will be made in a balanced and fair way, inline with the original option process. Staff have not yet been allocated within the column structure and there is therefore no point in choosing columns based on the hope of getting a specific teacher. Please note that it is possible that an option may not run if uptake is low in relation to effective use of available staffing. Typically each subject will require a minimum of 50% uptake. Completing the options form…

12 Senior Phase options form

13 Senior Phase options form…S4

14 Senior Phase options form…S5/6

15 Further information… It is important that you look after your form: it has your name and class details on it and therefore can only be used by you. Processing pupil options to enable the best fit possible, always requires movement of pupil options across columns. Where a subject is oversubscribed, priority will be given to those pupils who have demonstrated the best effort, attitude and application in the subject area to date. Pupils that return their form late will not be given priority for their options.

16 Next steps… Please return your form, completed and signed, by the appropriate date below; S3 into S4 by February 27 th 2015 S4 into S5 and S5 into S6 by March 13 th 2015 Careers evening – Wednesday 18 th February 6pm-7.15pm Based in the social area, the evening aims to enable students and parents to talk to Further Education providers, Businesses and Professionals on an informal individual basis, about the qualifications, skills and qualities required for their particular interests and career paths. The vast majority of those we have identified and are writing to are, like yourself, affiliated to the school and we very much hope some of you are able to be involved. Please collect a reply slip on your way out if you can attend. Any questions?

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