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Resisting Sexual Pressure

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1 Resisting Sexual Pressure
Lesson 3-13

2 Objectives TSW summarize why individuals have the right to refuse sexual contact. TSW demonstrate effective communication skills for setting sexual limits and resisting sexual pressure.

3 Health Terms Alternative Body language Delay tactic Effective
Nonverbal Pressure line Refusal skills

4 Intro Transition On a piece of paper, describe at least 1 sexual limit a person could set and explain how this limit will help protect the person’s sexual health. Motivate Have you ever been in another type of situation in which you were being pressured to do something you didn’t want to do, or something that wasn’t healthy or safe for you? The skills you’re going to practice today could also be used in those situations.

5 Teaching Steps Survey What’s an example of a pressure line someone might say to push a person’s limits or try to get him or her to have sex? What’s an example of something someone might do to push a person’s limits or try to get him or her to have sex?

6 Pressure Lines Force Threats Everyone’s doing it. I waited already.
I love you… If you love me, you’ll do it

7 Teaching Steps Explain
Different types of pressure – their relationship (BF/GF), not a big deal, missing out on something, how it feels, something might be wrong with you Complete Can you think of some additional things someone might say (pressure lines) or things someone might do (pressure actions) to get another person to agree to have sex? Now let’s look at these examples and identify what kind of strategy each one is using.

8 Teaching Steps Ask and Discuss
Which of these pressure lines or other pressure actions do you think would be the most difficult to resist? Why? Summarize Why is it so hard? – Someone you like (attracted to), knows how to persuade you Know how to say NO and mean it

9 Teaching Steps Ask and Discuss
Does a person have the right to choose not to have sex or refuse to participate in sexual behaviors? Why or why not? Summarize Sexual activity – right to choose sexual abstinence and to say NO to sex Explain Sticking to a choice to remain abstinent can be a difficult when you feel pressured by another person or a situation. Today you’re going to learn and practice some refusal skills. These are techniques that can help you resist pressure, communicate your personal limits and say NO to sexual activity.


11 Teaching Steps Model Clear No statements: Alternative actions:
NO, I don’t want to do that. I could get pregnant. So, NO, I’m not going to risk it. NO, my limit is kissing. I’m not going to have sex with you. I said NO already, and I mean it. Alternative actions: NO, I don’t want to do that. Let’s go see a movie instead. I’d much rather go get something to eat. What’s your favorite restaurant? I want to talk to you instead. Tell me what you want to do this weekend. Delay tactics: I’m not prepared to think about that right now. I don’t feel well, so I’m going home. I need to get some fresh air. I’m going outside. You’re joking, right?

12 Teaching Steps Practice
Now you’ll have a chance to work with a partner to practice some of these refusal skills for resisting sexual pressure. 1st – Practice on clear NO statements – say the word No, use body language, use a firm tone of voice 2nd – Practice alternative actions – suggest something else to do 3rd – Practice a delay tactic – suggest something that would break the mood or a cool down

13 Assessment and Closure
Logon to your NEW ASSIGNMENT ON MBC – TURNING OFF PRESSURE Teal Workbook – page 42-43 Close Which of the refusal skills you learned today do you think would be easiest for you to use and why?

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