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Benefits of Abstinence Coping with Pressures

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1 Benefits of Abstinence Coping with Pressures

2 Intimacy Sexual intimacy- sharing sexual feelings and sexual contact.
Emotional intimacy- sharing thoughts and feelings, caring for and respecting others, and learning to trust each other. Teen relationships should focus on emotional intimacy, not sexual intimacy.

3 Abstinence It is the conscious decision not to participate in sexual activity and the skills to support that decision. For teens who have not been sexual active, abstinence means waiting until marriage to begin sexual active.

4 Health Benefits of Abstinence
No risk of becoming pregnant or being infected with an STD. Some STD’s have serious consequences such as cancer and the inability to have children later in life.

5 Social Benefits of Abstinence
The freedom to pursue a variety of friendships Less complicated relationships The chance to learn to build strong, lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Better reputation among peers

6 Emotional Benefits of Abstinence
Being free of worry and stress regarding STD’s and pregnancy. Allowing time to develop the maturity needed to make important decisions. Having an increased sense of self-control and self-respect

7 Other Benefits of Abstinence
Teens can focus more on school and on accomplishing long-term personal, family and career goals.

8 Coping with Pressures

9 Pressures to Be Sexually Active
Internal pressures- an impulse a person feels to engage in a behavior. Comes from within oneself Comes from a desire for emotional intimacy Being sexually active as a teen can actually complicate your life and create distance in your relationship.

10 Pressures to Be Sexually Active
External pressures- pressure a person feels from another person/group to engage in a behavior. Boyfriend/girlfriend pressure Media Peers

11 Avoiding Pressure Situations
Identify situations that could lead to sexual activity. (being alone on a date) Avoid drinking or taking illegal drugs. (impairs your judgement) Look for dating partners that share your values about abstinence.

12 Verbal Refusals Steps to get out of pressure situations
Clearly identify the problem Dating partner is trying to pressure you. State your thoughts and feelings about the problem. “I’ve decided to remain abstinent until marriage, and I’m sticking to my decision”.

13 State what you would like to have happen instead.
“Instead of staying here, let’s go to the movies”. Explain the results if the change in plans is made. “If we go to the movies, we’ll have a great time”. Explain the results if requested change is not made. “If you don’t stop pressuring me, I’m going home”.

14 Nonverbal Refusal Your body language should match what you are saying.
Make sure you are not sending mixed messages that may confuse the other person.

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