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6 th Grade Health Communication and Peer Pressure Miss Preseren.

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1 6 th Grade Health Communication and Peer Pressure Miss Preseren

2 What Is Communication? Communication is an essential skill in building healthy relationships. Communication The exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people Good communication is not only about getting a message across successfully, it is also about being able to listen to the messages you hear.

3 Nonverbal Communication There are two types of nonverbal communication: Body language Gestures, facial expressions, posture Intonation The sound of your voice can send a message. Body language The use of visual cues to communicate information or feelings

4 Mixed Messages If you are not aware of the nonverbal messages you send, you run the risk of sending mixed messages. Mixed messages When your words say one thing but your body language and/or intonation say another Saying sorry while grinning is an example of a mixed message.

5 Effective Verbal Communication Speaking Skills Determine how a message is delivered Listening Skills Determine how a message is received Both sets of skills must be present for effective communication.

6 Speaking Skills Two important speaking skills are: Making your message as clear as possible Using the “I” message “I” message A statement that presents a situation from the speaker’s point of view

7 Speaking Skills Other speaking skills include: Staying calm Sticking to the point Choosing the right time and place Being aware of your body language and intonation

8 Listening Skills A good listener practices active listening. Pay careful attention to all the speaker has to say. Use body language that shows you are listening. Think for a moment before speaking. Ask questions. Active listening Hearing, thinking about, and responding to the other person’s message

9 Assignment 1 1.Analyze the following statement “Actions speak louder than words.” Explain the relevance of this expression to the skill of communication. 2.Explain two main types of nonverbal communication?

10 Peer Pressure Teens who use negative peer pressure can often be persuasive. Teens may feel pressured to join in on behavior they would otherwise consider to be wrong.

11 Peer Pressure and Decisions Direct Peer PressureIndirect Peer Pressure Takes the form of words or actions directed toward you More subtle than direct peer pressure Can be based on your observations of your peers

12 Peer Pressure and Decisions Positive Peer Pressure Negative Peer Pressure Can benefit you and others Can encourage healthy habits Can inspire you to be the best person you can be Can hurt you or others Goes against your own wants, needs, or values Can endanger your health

13 Forms of Negative Peer Pressure Dares Threats Bribes Teasing Name-calling Peer Pressure and Decisions

14 Is this activity dangerous? Does it break the law? Can it lead to punishment, such as suspension from school, or arrest? Will it lead to disapproval or disappointment from parents or guardians? Will property be destroyed or damaged? Recognizing Negative Peer Pressure: Possible Outcomes

15 Recognizing Negative Peer Pressure: Health Consequences How will this activity affect my physical health? Am I being asked to do something that could bring me physical harm? Is the activity something that can lead to an addiction? What effect will it have on my emotional health? Will I feel guilty if I do this activity? Will I disappoint myself? Is it something I simply do not feel ready for? How will this decision affect the health of others? Could someone else be hurt? Peer Pressure and Decisions

16 Refusal Skills Refusal skills will help you resist negative peer pressure. Refusal skills Communication strategies that help you say no effectively

17 Refusal Skills S T O P Say no in a firm voice. Tell why not. Offer other ideas. Promptly leave.

18 Assignment 2 1. Apply: Zoey is pressuring Alicia to let her copy Alicia’s homework assignment. Alicia knows this is wrong. How can she express her feelings to Zoey in an assertive way?

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