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First Year Adviser: Stephanie Acheson Office: 132 Symmes Phone: 513-529-6952 Academic Advising.

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1 First Year Adviser: Stephanie Acheson Office: 132 Symmes Phone: 513-529-6952 Email: Academic Advising

2 Agenda Introduction Myths about academics Miami Plan and Miami Bulletin Degree Audit Report MapWorks Individual advising expectations Questions Sign up for individual appointments

3 Common Myths “I have to finish the Miami Plan in 2 years.” “If I’m not taking MTH 151 this semester I’m behind.” “I can’t study abroad and graduate in 4 years.” “My older brother is a Marketing major. I’m a Marketing major too. That means we have the exact same major requirements.” “If I’m having trouble with a class I should not go to the Rinella Learning Center because everyone will think I’m stupid.” “My adviser is going to tell me what classes to take.”

4 What is the Miami Plan? The Miami Plan is designed to help students think critically, understand different contexts, engage with other learners, and reflect upon and act on what they learn. Why is it important? It can prepare you for jobs that don’t currently exist It provides you with skills employers are looking for There are three levels of courses in the Miami Plan: Foundation Thematic Sequence Capstone (Senior year)

5 What is the Miami Plan? Foundation I (6 hours) English Composition Foundation II (12 hours) A. Fine Arts B. Humanities C. Social Science Remaining Hours Foundation III (6 hours) A. US Cultures B. World Cultures Foundation IV (9 hours) A. Biological Science B. Physical Science Remaining Hours Lab Foundation V (3 hours) Mathematics, Formal Reasoning, Technology

6 How to Pull Up Your DAR DAR= Degree Audit Report Your DAR is available online at Go to Student Services and Financial Aid Then to Student Records Then to Degree Audit Submit an Audit Run Audit View Submitted Audits  Remember to run a new DAR each time!  How to read your DAR

7 Resources Miami Bulletin Divisional Information College of Arts and Science (begin on page 79) Farmer School of Business (begin on page 128) School of Education, Health & Society (begin on page 140) School of Engineering & Applied Science (begin on page 147) School of Fine Arts (begin on page 173) Course Descriptions (begin on page 197) Miami Guidebook Miami Plan (begin on page 13) Recommendations for first year courses (begin on page 34)

8 MapWorks What is MapWorks? Why do I need to fill this out? How will it be used in my academic advising meeting?

9 Advising Expectations Show up on time Bring your DAR (either print a copy or bring a laptop) Bring a list of classes you would like to take as well as at least 3 back up classes Complete MapWorks online Be engaged and ask questions

10 During you Advising Appointment General discussion about your first year at Miami Discussion of progress in courses Review of Miami Plan Review of Requirements Referrals and Resources Registration Information Discussion about classes for next semester

11 What can my FYA do for me? Help you analyze your second semester course options. Be a resource for your transition to Miami. Help you if you are struggling academically, physically, or emotionally. Assist you transition to your departmental advisor Spring Semester.

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