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Welcome to Summerstart! Science/Math/Health Janice Lapsansky Laura Costello.

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1 Welcome to Summerstart! Science/Math/Health Janice Lapsansky Laura Costello

2 Getting Started Janice Lapsansky Office:Biology, BI 305 Phone: 650-7337 Web:  Take notes  Ask questions

3 3 Major Questions: 1. What are General University Requirements (GURs) and how are they different from Graduation Requirements? 2. How do I choose my quarter schedule? 3. How/when do I register for classes?

4 What do I need?  Bulletin  Degree Planning Guide  Timetable of classes (and some good advice) (and some good advice)

5 Advising at Western 3 Sources:  Faculty Advisor (me)  Academic Advising Office  Program Advisor in Department

6 Graduation Requirements  GURs 70-77 cr.  Major 55-110 cr.  Writing Proficiency 3-5 cr.  Electives 0-60 cr.  Minimum 180 cr., with 60 cr. upper division study  Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 Can these “double count”? See pg. 5 of Degree Planning Guide What’s a credit?

7 Liberal Arts Tradition “Western believes that a liberal education enables people to lead fuller and more interesting lives, to perceive and to understand more of the world around and within themselves, and to participate more intelligently, sensitively and deliberately in shaping that world.” (2004-2005 Bulletin, p. 40)

8 General University Requirements (GUR) Communication and Critical Analysis Communication and Critical Analysis Mathematics Mathematics Humanities Humanities Social Sciences Social Sciences Comparative, Gender and Multicultural Studies Comparative, Gender and Multicultural Studies Natural Sciences Natural Sciences Take a GUR – explore a Major!

9 Overview of Related Academic Departments  Bulletin for information about majors  Major Guides linked from the Academic Advising Center’s website  Relevant GUR courses will help you examine and prepare for your major  When/how to declare a major  Can I just wait until I’m sure about  my choice of major?

10 Preparing for Registration  Bulletin  Student Advising Sheet  Timetable of Classes  Degree Planning Guide  Trial Schedule Form

11 The Bulletin  The Bulletin (catalog) contains  Academic departments and programs arranged alphabetically within each college  Course descriptions  Academic policies (pages 30 – 37)  Appendices

12 Student Advising Sheet  Summerstart advisor’s name, email and phone number  Shows college credits, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credits earned  Gives results of your Math Placement Test  Identifies if you need to complete English 101 Keep in the front pocket of the DPG When do I need to complete English 101?

13 Timetable of Classes

14 Degree Planning Guide  Using the Degree Planning Guide to select classes  GUR categories and classes  Expanded Course Descriptions  Sample Freshmen Schedules (p.60-61)

15 Developing a Schedule of Classes  Building an appropriate schedule  Using curiosity, interests & abilities  Requirements, exploration of majors  Credit loads = 12 - 15 (3 - 4 classes)  Balance class size, difficulty, other commitments  Vary areas of study unless otherwise required by major

16 Filling Out Your Trial Schedule Form  Using the Sample Freshman Schedules, and the class descriptions in the Degree Planning Guide, find 6 or more classes you are interested in taking and write them on your trial schedule form, noting CRNs.  Refer to the Timetable of Classes for days and times.

17 Registering for Classes  Related registration information  Students register via Web4U  ASA and advisor will be available in the lab to help you with registration  Log in and enter your selected classes to register  Print out a schedule and updated Advising Sheet for your own records

18 Schedule Changes after Summerstart  Pick up your “WHAT TO DO NEXT” flyer from the lab before you leave today  Contact me or the Academic Advising Center with any questions about schedule changes –  360-650-3850  email:  Add/drop period  Caution: Waiting Lists Ahead

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