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E-MAIL ACCOUNTS It is important to activate ( and check your WIU email regularly. Financial Aid information, mid-term and semester grades,

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1 ACCOUNTS It is important to activate ( and check your WIU regularly. Financial Aid information, mid-term and semester grades, registration information, billing statements are all sent to your . Faculty and Advisors will also contact you through this address. Keep your WIU account separate from your personal .

Regular Student Employment Sodexo/Food Services Employment Off-Campus Employment Federal work-Study CPEP Scholarships C&I Scholarships Scholarship Office Other

3 TIPS FOR SUCCESS If emergencies arise and you must miss class:
Leave a message for your professors Get notes from someone you trust in your class Contact Student Development and Orientation (SDO) Go to class, be prepared: read and participate in discussions. Talk to your professors, go to office hours or by appointment. Be aware of important dates: last day to add a class, last day to drop a class, when tests are scheduled/papers due. Ask questions!

Student Development Office (SDO) serves as an emergency contact for students experiencing immediate health, emergency, or personal problems that may affect their academic performance. They will serve as a contact resource for a student in extreme/emergency cases when the student is unable to make contact with a faculty member SDO acts as a liaison between students, family members, faculty, University personnel, and community agencies in crisis situations. Students are responsible for notifying their instructors via O.A.R.S. when they will be absent from classes in accordance with the instructor's guidelines for attendance.

5 CAMPUS RESOURCES Tutoring, its FREE, sign up!
Labs for basic skills (math, writing, etc.) Go to the Library. Make an appointment at Beu Health Center if you are ill. Career Services are available, it is never too early to plan for your future. Be familiar with campus computer labs and their locations. Go West – know the bus routes and times. Spencer Student Recreation Center Veterans Resources available Counseling Center Disability Resource Center Self Management (stress, anxiety, time)

The First Year Experience (FYE) is a comprehensive approach to ensure first year students make a successful transition to college. All freshmen are required to enroll in one FYE course fall semester along with UNIV 100. When viewing Course Search on the STARS system, FYE courses will be designated with a “Y” indicator ( can only take ONE). You will work with your advisor to select an appropriate FYE course.

7 Student/Alumni Records System Account
STARS Student/Alumni Records System Account Allows you to register online. Check your grades. Billing information. Financial Aid information. Student Degree Plans. WARD (Western’s Audit of Graduation Requirements for Degree). Request transcripts and much more!

8 Student Degree Plan All students along with their advisors will create a Student Degree Plan. This plan will include general education and major requirements. This plan along with the WARD (Western’s Audit of Requirements for Degrees) Report is used in advising sessions to ensure that students complete all courses required for graduation. Both the Student Degree Plan and WARD are available on STARS.

9 Once you have logged on to STARS we will ask you to go to the Registration Screen. This morning we will use this specifically to see your English Placement. The following 2 screens will show you how to identify if you have placed into ENG 100 or ENG 180

10 If you aren’t given a specific course but are given a General Education category. You can also use the Course Category (3rd down on the right) and search by category. This will show you all available courses in that category.



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