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2 inspire a world of good ANTICIPATED CREDITS Name (Full Name) Any anticipated AP Credits Any college level courses and where college course(s) were taken.

3 inspire a world of good ACHIEVING COLLEGE SUCCESS Presented by The Office of Academic Advising

4 inspire a world of good Malcolm Pace Assistant Director of Academic Advising Meghan Cassidy Student Success Specialist David Reed Student Success Specialist Rachel Smith Student Success Specialist Student Advisors INTRODUCTIONS

5 inspire a world of good AGENDA FOR TODAY Introduction to the Division of Student Success and Engagement High School vs. College: There’s a Difference? Preparing for Your First Advising Experience

6 inspire a world of good Student Success uses a developmental philosophy and holistic approach to empower students to reach their educational, professional, and personal goals. Student Success is concerned not only with a specific personal or vocational decision, but also with facilitating environmental and interpersonal interaction, problem-solving, and decision- making skills. Areas within Student Success include: Academic Advising Academic Assistance Career Services Disability Services Student Life Residence Life Athletics Diversity & Student Leadership Counseling Center THE DIVISION OF STUDENT SUCCESS & ENGAGEMENT

7 inspire a world of good ACADEMIC ADVISING At Wheelock, we care about the whole person. We understand what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside the classroom. First Year Transition to college Major exploration Goal setting Sophomore Year Academic planning Service learning Study abroad Junior Year Support during academic internships Career planning Senior Year Graduation audits Planning for life after Wheelock Professional Advisor Faculty Advisor

8 inspire a world of good Before we begin, we need to know a little about what you think. What are your expectations of college life at Wheelock? YOUR COLLEGE JOURNEY

9 inspire a world of good WHEELOCK EXPERIENCE CONTINUUM Strongly Agree AgreeDisagree Strongly Disagree

10 inspire a world of good Syllabus Professor expectations Time Management Class time, attendance, free time Type of Work Papers, presentations Grades Satisfactory Academic Progress WHAT WE THINK…

11 inspire a world of good




15 Quantitative Qualitative Attendance, numerous tests/quizzes, quantity of homework assignments completed All students must meet the same standards as stipulated in the course syllabus High School College

16 inspire a world of good Disability Services Academic Assistance Peer Tutors Writing Center Writing Consultants Academic Advising Student Advisors ACADEMIC RESOURCES @WHEELOCKCOLLEGE

17 inspire a world of good PACKING FOR YOUR COLLEGE LIFE

18 inspire a world of good BASICS OF A WHEELOCK EDUCATION (D) Other Options: Minors, Certificate Study Abroad Service Learning Trips ( C) Optional Professional Majors: (application required*) Child Life Dual Degree* Education Early Childhood Elementary Special Education* (A) & (B) Required of ALL students (A) General Education (B) Arts & Sciences, Juvenile Justice or Social Work (C) Other Professional Majors (D) Other (B) Select a required major from: American Studies Performing Arts Visual Arts Communications Humanities Political Science & Global Studies Psychology & Human Development Math for Teaching Science for Teaching Math/Science for Teaching Environmental Studies Integrated Sciences Juvenile Justice & Youth Advocacy (Professional Major) Social Work (Professional Major)

19 inspire a world of good Fall Semester Human Growth and Development English 120/121 First Year Seminar Intended Major/ General Education Course Spring Semester Human Growth and Development English 121/General Education Course General Education Course Intended Major Course Fall Semester Sophomore Year General Education Course Major Course PREPARING FOR ADVISING

20 inspire a world of good First Year Seminar Critical Thinking and Reflection Course 4 Credits HGD Includes field placement 3 hours per week 4 Credits English 120/121 Composition Course 4 Credits General Education Course 4 Credits PREPARING FOR ADVISING Full time status is 12 credits Bridge and/or Jumpstart are 2 credit courses

21 inspire a world of good QUESTIONS?

22 inspire a world of good FYI WRITING SAMPLE A reflective essay on the value of a liberal arts education Reviewed by writing faculty to determine English (ENG) placement ENG 120 is the beginning course in our composition sequence ENG 121, in the fall, is an accelerated composition course Students selected for ENG 121 will meet with writing faculty during tomorrow’s advising session

23 inspire a world of good OPTIONAL MATH ENTRANCE EXAM Mathematics at Wheelock corresponds with your intended major. The entrance exam for Math 140 is the honors math class for students intending to pursue one of the following programs: Mathematics, Science, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, or Special Education. If you do not believe math is a strong subject of yours, you should plan on taking the Math 130 sequence.

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