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Technology In The Classroom Series Computer Presentations.

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1 Technology In The Classroom Series Computer Presentations

2 PowerPoint Lessons In this workshop we will build a lesson using PowerPoint. This lesson can be used as a template for other lessons you may want to develop. By completing this workshop you will be able to create lessons on any subject which will invigorate your classroom presentations and inspire your students. The steps are simple: Choose a slide layout Choose a slide design Gather your resources Organize your thoughts Put it all together Add the finishing touches

3 Choose a Topic I choose, Writing Nature Poems What are you working on? Choose a Layout Open PowerPoint. You should see a blank stage with a slides window on the left and a slide layout window on the right. Look through the slide layouts and choose the one you think will work best for your presentation. I choose How about you? Choose a Slide Design Click the left pointing arrow to go to “slide design”. Select “design templates” and choose the one you like best. I choose How about you? this one

4 What Do I Need? I want to start with an example of a nature poem. I’ll find one on the web, here’s a good one. I can add a text box and type in directly or cut and paste it from the web’s I want an image that represents my topic I can use clipart I can download something from the web I can import an image from another file. I can even import a movie or sound. I think I’ll use something from my images folder, one I like. What do you need for your presentation? here’s

5 Gather Your Thoughts What age level do I/you want to teach? How much time do I/you have? How flashy do I/you want to make this? What outcomes do I/you hope to achieve? How does this lesson fit in/your my curriculum?

6 Putting It All Together I want to teach a lesson on Writing Nature Poems I want to teach fifth graders I want each student to have written their own poem by the time we finish the lesson This should take about 45 minutes I want them to take this seriously I want them to integrate science content with writing skills I want them to use this lesson as a way to explore a topic they want to learn more about

7 Let’s Walk Through It Together Writing Nature Poems An Integrated Science and Writing Lesson for fifth grade students By Brad Hoge UHD You can download this presentation and play around with it to get a feel for how to use PowerPoint, or you can continue with this presentation.

8 Step 1 – Type your title into the title box (Click inside the box and start typing. You can adjust the font style, size and color from the Format menu.). If You Chose to Continue: Step 2 – Insert a graphic (Go to Insert drop down menu and select “picture” then “from file” You can re-size the image or move it anywhere on the page.). Step 3 – Add more text and graphics to the page (You can add text boxes from the Insert menu.).

9 You can add new slides, as needed, from the Insert menu. Outline / Slides File Edit View Insert Format Tools Slide Show Window Help 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 You can keep images of your slides on the left of your stage, or you can view them as an outline. You can also remove the slides window and retrieve it from the View menu by selecting “normal” view. You can add or remove slide design and slide template windows to your work space by selecting them from the Format menu. You can edit fonts, alignment, spacing, and more in the Toolbar and from the Format menu. You can also use the toolbar to cut and paste and resize your stage. You can customize your Toolbar with the Tools menu. You can add action buttons and macros from the Slide Show and Tools menus. You can link your graphics or a word of text from the Insert menu.

10 Adding the Finishing Touches Slide transition ( Click on “slide transition” in the Slide Show drop down menu. You can apply a transition to one slide or to all slides at the bottom of the slide transition window. Adding slide transitions can layer your presentation to have text or images appear in sequence. You can also animate your slides to achieve even more effects. ) Speed ( Select the speed of the slide transition under “modify transition”.) Sounds ( Select sounds to accompany slide transitions under “modify transition”.) Timing and Narration ( You can control slide transitions with your mouse, or you can set them to change automatically. You can also add narration to your slide show.) Previewing the Slide Show ( You can preview your show before you present it to make sure everything is working properly. Click on “view show” in the Slide Show drop down menu. You can return to PowerPoint to edit your show by clicking on the arrow icon in the lower left of the screen.) Presenting the Slide Show ( Select “view show” from the Slide Show menu whenever you are ready for your audience to see your presentation.)

11 Congratulations You now have your own lesson to use in your classroom. As you do more and more PowerPoint presentations, you will be able to master even more tools of the trade. Good luck, and thanks for taking part in this workshop!

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