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Welcome to Kindergarten Mrs.Agbejule 2014-2015. Areas to be Discussed Academics Behavior General.

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten Mrs.Agbejule 2014-2015

2 Areas to be Discussed Academics Behavior General

3 Academics

4 Daily Schedule  8:00-8:30Bell ringer and Calendar Math  8:30-10:00Reading/ Language Arts  10:00-10:10 Snack  10:15-10:50 Specials  10:55-11:30 Math  11:35-12:05 Lunch  12:10 –12:25 Math (continued)  12:30-1:00: Recess  1:00- 2:00 Social Studies/Science  2:00-2:15: Dismissal

5 Specials  Monday: Library  Tuesday: Science  Wednesday: Physical Education (on this day students must come dressed in their P.E uniform.  Thursday: Spanish  Friday: Music

6 Curriculum The kindergarten curriculum consists of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Our curriculum follows the Florida / Common Core Standards, providing your child with a well-rounded and complete education.

7 Math Go Math! Series Three Big Ideas: –Number and Operations –Geometry and Patterns –Measurement and Time

8 Homework Homework guidelines will be distributed quarterly once we begin. Your child’s blue folder is their homework folder. Your child’s homework folder must come to school on a daily basis.

9 Daily Snack Please send a healthy snack with your child every day in their book bag.

10 Behavior

11 Classroom Rules 1. Listen closely and follow directions the first time. 2. Raise a quiet hand. 3. Use inside voices. 4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 5. Be kind to others.

12 Monste-rous Good Behavior System All pins start on green everyday. Green = treasure box Yellow = warning blue = Teacher’s choice Red= timeout, no treasure box, no fun Friday and phone call home

13 Rewards Verbal praise and recognition Smart Choice Box treat Treasure Box at the end of the week Fun Friday Activities Student of the Week (also takes Monster home)

14 Planner Check every night for notes/letters and homework on Mondays Initial each day in the Planner Return to school the next day Ask your child every night about what we did today.

15 General Items

16 Communication Parent involvement and constant communication between us is essential for your child’s success. The best way to communicate with me is through email or via blue folder. My email address is

17 Somerset Webpage All important information regarding my class is always on the Somerset Academy webpage. Please go to, then click on staff directory, and finally click on Mrs.Oluwakemi Agbejule. Feel free to check this site every Friday after 3:00 p.m. for updated information regarding our weekly curriculum and assignments.

18 Lunch and Birthdays Lunch and breakfast can be prepaid by check. Ice Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookies on Fridays $1.00 (these funds cannot be taken out of your child’s account). Birthday celebrations will only take place on the day of between 1:30 pm and 1:50pm. Cupcakes, napkins and juice boxes are encouraged. Please notify me ahead of time so that we may plan accordingly.

19 Planners Planners are required by the school and are $6. The planner must go home and return to school on a daily basis. Please check your child’s planner every day for important information. You will find your child’s daily homework in the planner.

20 Friday Folders Friday folders are the Somerset folders. They go home on Fridays and come back on Mondays. Please empty the folder unless there is something that needs to be signed and returned to me.

21 Money Procedures Please make sure that all money is in an envelope with your child’s name and what the money is for. I highly encourage that all parents make online payments for everything. Checks are only accepted for lunch account.

22 Volunteer Hours Parents need to volunteer 30 hours in the school year. If you would like to purchase items from our wish list know that for every 4 dollars you spend you receive 1 hour. Please keep track of your own hours and staple all receipts to the volunteer form. Once you have filled out the form I will be happy to sign it. Without the receipts, you will not receive volunteer hours. NO EXCEPTIONS!

23 Attendance Be here everyday! Doors open at 7:45. Students are marked tardy if they arrive after 8:05. If a student is absent the parent/guardian has 48 hours to excuse it through a note, phone call, or e-mail. After 48 hours you must have a doctor’s note.

24 Dismissal Carpool pickup is from 2:00 -2:30 p.m. Students who are not picked up by 2:35 will be signed into the office and there will be a charge of $25 added to your volunteer hours. Early Release Days – dismissal is at 12:00 p.m. If you pick-up from the car lane: Please hang colored decal from your rearview mirror and make sure to include your child’s name using a dark permanent marker. Early Pick-up is not allowed after 1:30 p.m. If there is a change in the way that your child is getting home the best way to notify me is by sending a note or calling before 1:30 p.m.

25 Conferences Given by appointment In person or by phone Twice a year (fall and spring) or if there is a concern

26 Volunteers Classroom Photographer Door Decorator Seasonal Celebration Coordinator

27 Fieldtrips Three fieldtrips throughout the year. Only registered volunteers will be allowed to attend. Please make sure on the day of fieldtrip, your child come dressed in the spirit shirt which is RED.

28 Ways to Stay In Touch Send in a note in your child’s planner. Contact me at Somerset Academy Elementary 954-442-0233

29 Thank You For Coming! We’re going to have a great year!

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