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Third Grade Parent Orientation and Open House 2012-2013.

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1 Third Grade Parent Orientation and Open House 2012-2013

2 Welcome to Third Grade! Mrs. Liles Mrs. Rapp Mrs. Reahm Mrs. Rios Miss Russell

3 Uses of the Planner and Take-Home Folder Communication between Parents, Teachers and Students Left Pocket- Return to School Papers Right Pocket- Leave at Home Papers Center- Communication Contract, To- Do List, Spelling Words, Strategies Packet, Math Facts and Planner

4 How to know if your child is doing well Sticker= Great day No sticker= had warnings but improved (may be a written note) Sign-off/Note = behavior did not improve regardless of redirection

5 Daily Routine Please check your child’s folder every night for important papers and homework Check and Sign Planners daily If needed, please write notes in Planner to communicate with teacher All papers 70 or below MUST be signed and returned to teacher

6 Appointments If your child needs to leave early please send a note in the morning or write a note in the planner indicating the time so all work can be prepared ahead of time. If possible try to schedule all appointments after school or at the end of the day.

7 Attendance The tardy bell rings at 7:30. If your student is tardy, please come into the office and sign them in. If your student is absent, call the office to let us know if you are able. If your student is absent, please send a note or doctor’s excuse to excuse the absence. A call will be made home on the second consecutive day of absence.

8 Birthdays You may bring store bought cupcakes only. Cupcakes will be passed out the last 15 minutes of class. Please bring enough to share with everyone. If you pass out birthday invitations please have one for everyone or you may not pass out at school.

9 Homework Expectations Reading: read at least 10 minutes each night Math: Check planner for page number and problems assigned. Study math facts each night! Spelling: Monday-Wednesday– check planner for assignment, tests will be on Thursday

10 Homework Expectations Homework is due the following day unless otherwise stated by teacher If homework is incomplete it will counted as MISSING and will be completed at recess Your child will not receive a sticker for the day if they do not turn in their homework.

11 Dress Code Standardized dress will be strictly enforced. If you have any questions, please ask for a copy of the Judson ISD Dress Code.

12 CBA’s and Reviews Three times a year students will be administered Curriculum Based Assessments (CBA’s) in Math and Science. Before each CBA, we will send home a review packet for your child to study. It is very important that your child study this packet and practice using their strategies in order to be prepared for the test.

13 Accelerated Reader (A.R.) A.R. is a reading program that allows students to read books on their personal reading level and take tests about the book they have read. Most library books are A.R. books. It is encouraged that students read an A.R. book during their homework time.

14 Progress Reports and Report Cards Progress reports are sent home after the third week of the grading period. Please sign and return. Report cards will be sent home at the end of the grading period. A conference can be set up if you’d like to discuss your student’s grades.

15 RTI Response to Intervention RTI is an intervention process for students that are below grade level or struggling in math or reading. Students work in a small group that focuses on one goal. Data is collected to determine if the students are progressing. Students who are not making progress will move up the tiers. There are three tiers. –Tiers I and II are in the classroom and taught by the teacher. –In Tier III, students work with a reading or math specialist and are pulled out of the classroom for this instruction.

16 I Station (Imagination Station) I station is an assessment of all English/Language skills. I Station is completed on the computer. It pin points individual strengths and weaknesses. Students are kept on their level through use of mini lessons that are completed independently.

17 Math Universal Screens Students are given a Math Universal Screen twice a year. The screens consist of questions that students should already know from their previous grade level or material learned prior to the test. Students who do not pass the Universal Screen are a candidate for RTI.

18 Important Testing Dates TAKS has been replaced with STAAR (State of TX Assessments of Academic Readiness) STAAR TESTING: –Math: April 23, 2013 –Reading: April 24, 2013

19 STAAR STAAR will assess grade 3 Mathematics and Reading Readiness and Supporting Standards. These can be found on the TEA website: Math The STAAR test questions will incorporate underlying processes and mathematical tools. This is different from TAKS, which tested knowledge of tools and processes as separate student expectations. Reading The STAAR assessments will be longer and will require analytical skills and an application of knowledge, rather than basic comprehension and recognition.

20 STAAR Resources Study island – This site is not active yet and will only be available to those students needing extra help Click on the STAAR link at the bottom of the home page Brainpop – User Name: millerspoint Password: texas This site has short video clips for all subjects and a quiz at the end of each clip

21 Title I Information Please see handout for Title I Program information. Some ways 3 rd grade benefits from Title: –Mrs. Pruitt: math interventionists –Spelling Bee, Brainpop, Academic Nights, Math Olympics and much more!

22 Parent Conferences A sign up sheet is available tonight! Please look on the sign-in table. Conferences will be held after the first report card. We will need to have a face-to-face conference with each student’s parent/guardian.

23 Questions?

24 Thank you for your continued support in your child's academic progression this school year! - Your 3 rd Grade Team

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