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The Early Cold War Years

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1 The Early Cold War Years
Section 2

2 Quote From British Foreign Minister
“ our relations with the Russians are drifting into the same condition as that in which we found ourselves with Hitler.”

3 The Long Telegram Written by George Kennan American ambassador to USSR. - In Telegram Kennan sates that trying to negotiate with Soviets is useless. He believes that due to long standing sense of “Russian Insecurity” has led to a distrust of the West, and due to this distrust the Soviets will never negotiate in good faith. Thus no permanent settlement would ever be reached. - Kennan also believed that communism would intensifies the feelings of insecurity.

4 Containment Containment - American policy towards the Soviet Union and the spread of communism. The Idea behind containment was that it would be impossible to stop the spread of Communist ideology. The goal was to “contain” communism within the borders it already occupied. Kennan argued that through containment the USSR would fall due to inefficiencies in running an economy and a properly run Political system.

5 Iran Similar to their strategy in Europe, the USSR’s troops in the Middle East occupied Northern Iran. Like Romania the Soviets were trying to establish a pro-communist regime in Iran by the force of their army. They wanted Iran to be a Satellite state. - The US’s policy of containment would introduced during this time. Truman send USS Missouri into the Mediterranean. The Soviets wanting to avoid a war withdrawal from Iran.

6 Truman Doctrine USS Franklyn D Roosevelt , an aircraft carrier was also sent into the Mediterranean. This US Naval presence in the Mediterranean sea let the Soviets know that the Americans were serious about their containment policy. Britain also tried to stop communism from spreading. They backed the Greek government in their Civil war with Communist Greeks. UK eventually backs out due to economic isues and US Picks up the task of helping the anti-communist Greeks. -Truman agrees to send $400 million in aid.

7 Marshal Plan Also known as the European recovery Act. Plan would give $$$ to recovering European nations, so the Communism would not appeal to them. -$$$ was also offered to the USSR and their Satellite Nations, but it was refused.

8 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization – Alliance formed between Western Countries. If any NATO member would be attacked, the other members would retaliate. USSR created a similar organization known as the Warsaw Pact.

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