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The Kite Runner Partner Power Point Presentations

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1 The Kite Runner Partner Power Point Presentations

2 Basic Requirements Have a thorough understanding of your assigned chapter(s). Each partner must put in an equal amount of work. Know when you will present – check the schedule. Power point must be ed to me by 8 AM the day it is due. If you partner is absent, you will go solo. If both partners are absent, I will grade the power point, but you won’t present it – we do not have time to go back. If you are not prepared the day of your presentation, you receive a zero for the assignment.

3 Slide Requirements Summary Slide Character Captain Slide
Thematic Slide Literary Luminary Slide Vocabulary Slide Discussion Slide 2 Pictures relating to the chapter(s) – these can be placed on any slide.

4 Summary Slide Must have 4-7 bullet points – do not go above this.
Points should be brief (try to keep it to one line) – You should write less on the power point and speak more when you present. Be able to explain and expand beyond the bullet points (this may require note cards or a fantastic memory) Bring up setting or setting changes (time, place) Bring up major plot events (Remember – Plot is the pattern of events or main story in a narrative.)

5 Character Captain A list of characters who appear in the chapter(s). Do not include a written description of the characters. You will describe them aloud during your presentation Choose one character on which to focus. Include 2 properly cited passages that show this character’s personality traits. Be prepared to tell classmates what the passages reveal about a character’s personality, motivations, decision, growth, and/or changes.

6 Themes Identify a main idea first.
Identify one theme from the your section’s reading. Be prepared to explain 3 details from the novel that support the theme you found. Explain these aloud. Reminder – a theme is a central message or insight about life revealed through a literary work. It should not just be about the plot, character, or setting of the story. “Love” is not a theme “Love helps us to overcome obstacles.” could be a theme.

7 Literary Luminary Find 2 literary terms from your reading section. Literary Terms = simile, metaphor, figurative language, imagery, symbolism, personification, alliteration, hyperbole, motifs, allusions, irony, mood, tone, cause and effect, point of view, flashback, etc. The only thing on the slide will be 2 properly cited passages. Discuss how the literary terms contribute to the theme or overall effect of the novel. Again this may require note cards or an incredibly fluid memory.

8 Vocabulary Select 2 vocabulary words from the reading section that you don’t know or don’t use often. Write the part of speech on the slide too. Look up the definitions, but do not write them out. Speak them out loud. As the first part of your discussion, have the students create sentences for them – don’t just give sentences to the class.

9 Discussion Questions Develop 5 thinking questions from the reading section. These questions can stem from the work you’ve already done (theme, characterization, literary terms, etc.). Questions should elicit detailed responses and not one word answers. Questions should allow for multiple perspectives and different interpretations of the text.

10 Grading Information – You will be graded on all of the following
Fulfilling each slide’s written requirements Explaining Information Orally – Not writing too much on the slides. Equal participation between partners – both with completing slides and presenting information in class. Well chosen quotes, insightful analysis, and well prepared discussion questions and spoken accompaniment to presentation. The power point and presentation will be worth 12 points. You will also not be required to take the quick quiz over your own reading section.

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