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Author’s Writing Style Writing Styles and why this matters!

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1 Author’s Writing Style Writing Styles and why this matters!

2 What is style?  Definition: the manner of expression of a particular writer produced by: choice of words, sentence structures, use of literary devices, rhythm, and other elements of composition  Many writers have their own particular style  This is chosen by the author with a purpose depending on the audience

3 What is a vignette?  Definition: a short, well-written sketch or descriptive scene  It does not have a plot, which would make it a story, but it does reveal something about the elements in it  It may reveal character, or mood, or tone  It may have a theme or idea of its own that it wants to convey  It is the description of the scene or character that is important

4 Mood and Tone  Mood is the atmosphere of a piece of writing; it’s the emotions a selection arouses in a reader.  Tone is the author’s attitude on a subject or idea

5 Why do authors write??  Every piece of writing has a reason for being in existence…that reason is the author’s purpose.  Remembering the main purposes for writing is as easy as PIE  To P ersuade, to I nform, to E ntertain…but remember, sometimes it is a combination of these and the purpose is not usually directly stated.

6 Persuade, Inform, Entertain?  The author’s goal is to enlighten the reader about real world topics and provide facts on those topics. Facts are not used to support an opinion…  The author’s goal is to convince the reader to think about something differently or in the way the author thinks about things. pushing an opinion…  The author’s goal is to tell the reader a story or describe real or imaginary characters, places, and events…there may be an opinion in there but it is not clearly stated!

7 Superman and Me  What is the purpose of this essay?  What is significant about the writing style used for this essay? Be Specific  What is Superman doing in the comic book panel Alexie remembers? Why is it important to remember this detail at the very end of the essay?  What is the overall message of this essay?

8 Purpose (cont.)  Depending on the author’s purpose, authors may choose different types of formats, vernacular (language), and genres.  Short stories are written for many different reasons depending on the author and his/her purpose! We will explore many different kinds!

9 What is a short story?  a brief work of fiction meant to be read in one sitting and containing a plot, conflict, character(s), setting, symbols, and theme.  Combines objective matter-of-fact description with poetic atmosphere  Can be considered “Slice-of-life” stories giving a reader a snapshot and very little development  Leaves the reader with a vivid sensation rather than a number of remembered facts.

10 Literary elements  When writing a short story, authors need to be descriptive so they use different literary devices…  Symbolism, imagery, irony, personification, metaphor, simile, hyperbole…  Examples: “The Masque of the Red Death”, “The Ransom of Red Chief”, “The Lady, or The Tiger?”, or “The Lottery”

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