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1 Configuration

2 A computer system consists of two parts:
the software and the hardware.

3 The software is the information in the form of data and program instructions. The hardware components are the electronic and mechanical parts of the system.

4 In the computer system there are 3 main hardware sections:
the CPU the main memory the peripherals

5 CPU What is the main function of the CPU?
executes program instructions co-ordinates the activities of all the other units.

6 Main memory What is the function of the main memory?
holds the instructions and data which are being processed by the CPU. The internal memory has 2 sections: RAM (Random Access Memory) ROM (Read Only Memory).

7 Peripherals What are peripherals?
are the physical units attached to the computer. They include: input devices output devices storage devices

8 Input devices What do input devices enable us to do?
to present information to the computer. The most common input devices are: the mouse the keyboard

9 Output devices What do output devices allow us to do?
to extract the results from the computer; for example, we can see the output: on the monitor in printed form.

10 Storage devices What do storage devices provide?
a permanent storage of both data and programs. They include e.g.: floppy disks hard disks

11 What do you use ports for?
We can plug into ports a wide range of peripherals - modems, fax machines, optical drives and scanners.

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