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Rise of Islam Chapter 11 section 1 Mr. Marsh Columbus North High School.

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1 Rise of Islam Chapter 11 section 1 Mr. Marsh Columbus North High School

2 Prophet Muhammad City of Mecca –Crossroads of two main trade routes Muhammad was born in Mecca about 570 AD –At around 25 married a wealthy widow Khadiji (kah DEE jah) –At age 40 upset with idol worship and moral ills of society

3 –Muhammad heard a voice (perceived to be Gabriel the messenger of God) telling him to “Recite I the name of your God, the Creator, who created man from clots of blood –His wife supported him and told him to follow what he heard She became the first convert of Islam

4 The Hijra: a Turning Point 622 faced with the threat of murder Muhammad and his followers left Mecca for Yathrib Journey becomes known as Hijra –Yathrib is renamed Medina “City of the Prophet” –This marks the first year of the Muslim Calendar

5 Return to Mecca In 630 Muhammad returned to Mecca and destroyed the idols Muhammad worked to unite the Arabs under Islam until his death in 632

6 Teachings of Islam Islam is monotheistic The Quran (ku RAHN) is there holy book God is all-powerful and compassionate –People are responsible for there own actions –Each individual will face judgment and will either have eternal punishment in hell or eternal bliss in paradise

7 ***Five Pillars*** First- There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God. –God sent other prophets including Abraham, Moses and Jesus, but Muhammad is the greatest

8 ***Five Pillars*** Second- Daily Prayer –After ritual washing, Muslims face the holy city of Mecca –Muslims will pray wherever but on many cases the pray at a mosques

9 ***Five Pillars*** Third- Charity to the poor and needy Forth- Fasting during the month of Ramadan –Fasting from Sunrise to Sunset Fifth- Pilgrimage to Mecca –All able bodies need to make a trip to Mecca once in their life.

10 Jihad (jee HAHD) Effort in God’s service as another duty It does not mean only “Holy War” however it also means and includes acts of charity or a internal struggle to achieve spiritual peace

11 The Quran Quran contains the sacred word of God as revealed by Muhammad Muslims believe that, in its original Arabic, the Quran is the direct, unchangeable word of God.

12 “People of the Book” Muslims profess faith in the same God as that worshiped by Jews and Christians The Quran teaches that Islam is God’s final and complete revelation. The Torah and Bible contain only partial revelation from God –Muslims, Jews and Christians are all “People of the Book”

13 Way of Life Islam is both religion and a way of Life Sharia Law- Laws that developed out of the teachings of the Quran –Regulates moral conduct, family life, business practices, government, etc… –There is no difference between Civil and Criminal Law

14 Way of Life Impact on Women –Islam gave women spiritual equality –Rights give to men and women differ Amount of inheritance given to a daughter is less than that given to a son People in Byzantine lands and in Persia adopted the practice of veiling upper-class women and secluding them in a different part of the home –This practice can be seen by some today –NOT ALL WOMEN VEIL

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