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1 A Fully Integrated Administration Service

2 Agenda Product Overview Features Benefits

3 Our Mission Make life easier for you and your community by providing an easy to use web-based service that eases the administration of the activity and enhances the user experience of the activity.

4 Perspectives Registration Access to schedules/results Profile management Payment management Contact Organization Offer new services Financial Overview Manage Activities Authorization Communications Scheduling Activity Adm i nistration Payment management Communications Sign Up for services Offer services

5 Key Features All on-line –Registration, payments, activity results, schedules, rules, ….. Strict roles with configurable responsibilities –Access is tightly controlled for Security/Privacy Communications –Message boards, group emails, bulletins, FAQ Data Architecture –Flexible, easy applied to support various activity types Financial Management –Online payment, payment management tools Facilities Management –Create, reserve, schedule

6 The Architecture

7 Has its own web-space with option for custom menus, graphics, and layout.

8 Custom Web-site Corporate colors, background, images Own news, bulletins Own URL

9 On-line Registration Members search for activities and register on-line (categories) Supports group registrations (e.g. family) Supports single and party registration Party Representative can register them self and all other party members

10 Registration Management Members register per pre-specified category –school, park, district, any category you determine System collects registrations per category View registrations per category Assign as required

11 Finance Management Activity Administrator Provision for on-line payments View all orders Process payments/partial payments Specify payment categories Automatically update the status of registrant

12 Member Communication Activity Administrator can generate: Bulletins, FAQ, Rules, Welcome Message Activity Administrator can respond: to Member queries Generate broadcast emails at the activity, sub-activity, party, party- member level

13 Facilities Management Define Facilities Venues, Parks, Schools, others Define sub-facilities View Usage by activity type Shared by all activities within organization structure

14 Scheduling Tools Schedule events by sub-activity type between parties, individuals, or create place holders View schedules by time, party, venue Different schedule views: list, calendar, bracket Automatic schedule generator based on available resources Post activity result against a schedule

15 Make Reservations Set aside time blocks for activities Setup parameters Generate schedule

16 On-line Store Setup product categories with sub- categories Define products within category

17 On-line Store Create store with department Assign product to store Product can be shared across stores

18 On-line Store Sell product (snacks, products, tickets, registrations, etc.) On-line payment collection Cash, CC, check payment Ledger account that keeps track of transactions Managers/Administrators can view all purchases on-line in real-time

19 Rights & Roles Strict security Clearly defined functions Controlled access to information Configurable

20 Roles Roles Hierarchy :- –Super Activity Administrator –Activity Administrator, –Sub-Activity Administrator, –Party Registrant, –Guardians, –Party Members

21 System Configurable Rights At the activity/sub-activity level: –Who can register parties –Who can schedule events –Who can post event outcome –Who can view results –Who can view contact information –…….

22 Roles & Responsibilities Activity Administrators can: –Add other administrators –Change system access rights –Manage payments –Issue bulletins, FAQs,.. –Define facilities, schedules –Do everything that a sub-activity administrator can do

23 Roles & Responsibilities Sub-Activity Administrators can: –Manage sub-activity –Adjust activity event results –Adjust parties –Do everything a party registrant can do Party Registrant can: –Modify roster –Post event result (configurable) –Do everything a team member can do

24 Roles & Responsibilities Party Member can: –View party roster –View Event Schedules –View Event outcome –View FAQs, Welcome Message, Rules, ….. –Generate Contact Us –Define affiliations –Define playing levels

25 Roles & Responsibilities Guardians can –Register Themselves –Register children with parent/child relationship captured –Register children for activities –View activity schedules –View activity outcomes

26 Event Management On-line posting of event results Administrators can modify outcome Event result available for viewing in real-time Access to result controlled and restricted

27 On-Line Help Context Sensitive Help Search for help

28 On-Line Search Tools Administrators:- –Search for members View all registrations View contact information Members:- –Search for organizations –Search for activity types –Search by category types Searches designed around fast response times based on millions of records

29 Benefits Members, management, administrators, etc. Pricing –Fixed monthly fee –Distributed cost –Low Risk Ongoing enhancements –Benefit from new additions Outsourced –No hardware or software costs –No support or system administration

30 Next Steps How do we move forward together? Next Development Areas –Card Reader - evaluate hardware and & get in touch with vendor –Discuss others

31 Next Steps Present to city members –Financial, department head, programmers –Large group –Nature center Timeline

32 Site Map


34 Pricing Per Division (or flat rate annual fee) 5+ teams per division Sliding scale up to $20/month/division Offer service to do registration/data entry/call center/fund raising One-time setup fee Broad spectrum of services

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